I don't think you understand how much I love these glasses. These glasses + the darkest lips in as many shades possible + my new hair in a top knot. GUYS!

I discovered my new signature look this weekend while engaging in my fabulous lifestyle. You know, walking the dogs, going to Jo-Ann, picking up batteries, etc... I wore my favorite necklace. Look real close, it's a polaroid of Marie Antoinette! I'm a huge sucker for JC's jewelry, especially their adorable food charms. They make my eyes hurt from too much cute.

The rest of my totally glamorous, errand running outfit details are:
Rose Studs: Betsey Johnson
Shirt: New Look 6895, made by me (read that post here)!
Cardigan: YWIG Swap
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Speaking of New Look patterns, I picked up New Look 6808 which I'm excited about even though I really wanted New Look 6035— that blazer! Of course it was sold out.

Story of my life!


  1. Do it! Do it! I tried growing mine but once they fell below my eyes I couldn't stand it anymore.

  2. OOOh me like! Actually, I love the same look on myself, although I don't have bangs, but your glasses are so much cuter than mine :)
    Beautiful top as well, great job!

  3. those necklaces are RAD! and I love your errand look. Why can't I ever look that cute? :-)

  4. yeah adorable glasses, look great on you! love em. and those necklaces ahhhh-dorable!


  5. @Paunnet: I was actually just trying to grow mine out but I couldn't stand it!

    @Linda: I'm sure you look way cuter all the time!

    Thanks <3

  6. this look is STUNNING! and I already thought you were cute but CUUUUTE! love the color, the bangs, the glasses, the LIPS. Can you please do a rundown of all these lipsticks post? cuz i LOVE this color to death and really dig the ones in your other recent posts toooooo. Pretty please?

  7. Sure thing, Sheraera! I've actually had a draft written about my lipstick collection for a while. I just need to take photos to accompany the post. Soon, I promise :)

  8. i made that New Look blazer! it turned out really cute

  9. ack! you're so cute! love the glasses, been searching for a pair just like'm for aaaaages!! and i love that you made your top. wish i were more handy like that - i have no patience i swear..hehe

  10. Way to rub it in, Anon! It's sold out everywhere I've looked! :(

    @Mamushka Marie: Thanks so much, love :) I have no patience either, I just drive myself crazy until I finish whatever I'm working on haha.

  11. lol I love that they make your eyes hurt from too much cute lol ;)

    And yes, those glasses are rocking! :) I just found you and I'm your new follower! :)

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  12. I just found and LOVE your blog. You have a fabulous signature style!


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