MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection Swatches + Review

This! Collection! OMG! I gladly never get sucked into the hysteria surrounding MAC's limited edition collections but this spring something happened. Three back-to-back collections caught my eye, some for actual product and others for packaging (there's no denying it) but Alluring Aquatic was IT, the perfect combination!
MAC Alluring Aquatic Lipstick, Extra Dimension Bronzer, Bronzing Powder

My original plan was to get one blush and one lipstick. After seeing swatches of the two blushes in the collection, I decided I had something similar enough to pass on the shade I preferred because I'm trying to make smarter makeup decisions and only get what I need ("need").

MAC Alluring Aquatic Lipstick, Extra Dimension Bronzer, Bronzing Powder

I went for the purple lipstick, go figure. Aphrodite's Shell Extra Dimension Bronzer and Golden Bronzing Powder ended up in my cart along with the lipstick somehow? I couldn't help myself! That compact!

MAC Alluring Aquatic Goddess of the Sea Lipstick

Goddess of the Sea Lipstick (Cremesheen) is described as a dark vibrant violet but I'd say it's more of a berry-plum on me. I adore this color! Like other Cremesheens I own, this one was very creamy and comfortable to wear. It applied nicely, a little sheer but totally buildable.

MAC Alluring Aquatic Goddess of the Sea Lipstick, Aphrodite’s Shell Extra Dimension Bronzer swatched/blended, Golden Bronzing Powder swatched/blended

Aphrodite's Shell Extra Dimension Bronzer is a very pretty, sheer but easily buildable, very slightly rosy-peach bronze. It shows up nicely on my skin but I have to be completely honest here, I know the least amount of all when it comes to bronzer! I think it suits me quite well nonetheless, and gives a nice subtle sheen to the skin. MAC description: Golden bronze with a touch of fine shimmer.

Golden Bronzing Powder surprised me given how shimmery and orange its twin in the permanent line is. There are shimmer particles in this one, but it's soft and flattering. It leans pinker on my skin than Aphrodite's Shell which was another surprise given its name. MAC description: Muted golden tan-beige with shimmer.

MAC Alluring Aquatic Aphrodite’s Shell Extra Dimension Bronzer, Golden Bronzing Powder

Now let's have one final round of applause for the gorgeous metallic teal packaging "elegantly accented" (lol) with water droplets...

MAC Alluring Aquatic Goddess of the Sea Lipstick, Aphrodite’s Shell Extra Dimension, Golden Bronzing Powder

Were you lucky enough to get ahold of the collection during MAC's online release last week? Nordstrom and Macy's both launched online yesterday, and it's set to be in stores on Thursday, May 22nd. What will you be getting, if anything?

...I thought I was done but I ordered two more lipsticks and my very first lipglass yesterday. This collection left me with so little willpower!


Vacation, All I Ever Wanted?

I skipped out on my blog and social media spaces, and before I knew it, it was May! Time totally got away from me but look who's back from their well over a month-long break from the internet! It's me...
Had I planned better (or planned anything at all) there would have been a scheduled post here and there, but I guess my mind decided it was time for a break and immediately switched to vacation mode. My mom and step dad also visited from Maryland and, as should be expected, she and I gravitated to our natural habitat:

ULTA, swiftly followed by Sephora.

I love seeing and reading about what other people are buying even though I'm not one for posting hauls myself. But it's literally all I can talk about right now! I've been a model US consumer thanks to my hoarding of any and all gift cards I'm lucky enough to receive from my loved ones. The same gift cards I obsess over while trying to find that perfect something worthy of their use.

Sephora's Chic Week sale got the best of me (who could resist 15% off?). Beyond that, I finally cashed in a three-year-old Caron's gift card at a LancĂ´me counter during a loaded free gift with purchase promotion. Plus, I had some credit on HauteLook and MAC released two new collections that made my eyes turn into actual hearts. I couldn't even fit any more makeup in/on/around my vanity (entire apartment) if I wanted to! Because of all that there will probably be some upcoming mini reviews.

Things will be back to normal shortly. I just didn't want to pretend I wasn't gone for forever. If you're reading this, thanks for sticking around!