Dream World

Surprisingly enough, my crocodile stitch skirt is super easy to work up! It's just a matter of staying focused long enough to complete it. I'm also pretty sure I'm using the worst possible yarn for my project because who wants to wear a wool skirt in the middle of spring/summer? Hopefully I'll finish it before it gets too warm out, but I'm in Chicago so that's still a ways away.

Andrew decided to be the sweetest ever, and bought me a fantastic necklace made by Meg J. Roberts. She's a very interesting artist who has a BFA in Craft/Material Studies. That has to be the most obscure and awesome degree I've ever heard of. She describes her sculptures as "a reflection of pleasant childhood experiences like hiding in small nooks, playing in cardboard boxes and constructing blanket forts." So she's basically describing my dream world.

Unfortunately you can't check out her structures anymore but they were wonderful. Be sure to go to her Etsy because she has such great pieces. I kind of (most definitely) want them all?

The Narwhal Necklace in blackened steel looks so shimmery and perfect, I love it so much! P.S. Peep my perfect nails:


Pseudo Review of City Chic

City Chic has an awesome sale going on right now (till 3/21): 60% off everything + Free Shipping and Free Returns for US customers. These kinds of details are the ONLY reason I ever shop online, otherwise I'm not spending a dime. I purchased their High Waist Jeans in a size 16 and their High Waist Shorts in a size 18, both of which are sadly ill-fitting:

...can't...quite...breathe... Check out that baggy crotch!

Ideally, I'd send them back in exchange for the right sizes but they're completely sold out of the jeans ;\ I've reordered the shorts in a size 16 so if they end up not fitting again I'll just return them, again— this is why I neverrr everrr shop online, EVER. The quality of the denim is pretty great, there's a nice amount of stretch and they're not too thin. I have a rather tube shaped body and they're clearly designed for pear shapes; if they were just sized a bit differently they would be perfect. The delivery time was another big shocker: I placed my order Wednesday night and I received my package Friday!

Edit: I've sold the jeans and received my new order with the smaller sized shorts. They're still ill-fitting though, so I'll be returning them... I suppose this means I'm just not meant to shop online ;\


Endless Possibilities

Although I haven't been particularly busy lately, it's been weeks since I've actually made anything! I suppose I just have to blame my procrasticrafting tendencies... Last night I decided to try out the crocodile stitch after seeing some beautiful photos on Catherine Hirst's blog. AH-MAZING. I'm totally inspired which is great :)

After some searching I found a few tutorials on YouTube, including a series on Yarn Muse. She does mess up and can be a little unclear at times (because she's winging it), but for the most part I understood her. And of course there are a bunch of people selling their patterns on Etsy. Just look at this gorgeous piece by Bonita Patterns (makes me weep with jealousy):

I REQUIRE this pattern

The stitch is surprisingly simple too! Because it's just a series of DCs and chains, I've decided I'm going to make a skirt!! I'm pretty terrified to be honest, I mean I have never made a crocheted bottom before. Plus this stitch looks like it will be a total yarn monster (but that'll work out fine since I'm known for hoarding craft supplies). Who knows, hopefully I'll even finish by 2012 ;P