I've decided to start crocheting again after putting my hooks away a few months ago. My thumb and wrist started giving me serious issues but I'm back on board! I literally spent hours on Crochet Pattern Central between yesterday and today looking at women's clothes; namely cardigans. HAH! Can you believe my ambition?! I've only made amigurumis, scarves and pillows. I'm not sure how well I'll do with clothing but I found some really great free patterns*.

I'm going to start out with Lion Brand's Acorn Shrug because it's the easiest of my top picks. Hopefully I can finish it soon enough to throw on for the fall weather that finally arrived today. Maybe even a cardigan by winter too! I also discovered the free patterns available (online) to crocheters are A LOT LESS CUTE than the knitting patterns. Hopefully I'll pick up knitting again; somehow my nonverbal lessons in Germany via a non-English/German-speaking-Russian-Grandma just didn't stick...

*It was a bit difficult to find patterns that included larger measurements but they do exist! Up to a size 52" bust.


Crafty Fatty

I've been going to the Renegade Craft Fair since I moved to Chicago but I missed it this year. I'm a little bummed about it but there's always the Holiday Fair and next year! Hopefully I'll work up the nerve to share a table or maybe even have my own by then. Andrew linked me to this and it made me feel better BECAUSE IT'S TRUE.

I was feeling rather craft-deprived so I decided to cross-stitch some donuts while he worked on his bike. A Bear's game later and it was the perfect jumbo charm for a necklace! I stopped at Jo-Ann for findings, sealed the donuts with fabric mod podge annnd thennn...

It's so damn cute, I could eat it!

Since I was on a jewelry kick, I had to finish another necklace I started months ago after Andrew's sister and I went to Intergem. If you don't know what that is, I feel sorry for you! I'm kidding. It's this amazing gem show where everything is ridiculously inexpensive. She and I bought A TON OF STUFF yet neither of us has actually made anything with our goodies ;x

I only spent like $30!

These beads and bits are mostly from a local shop called beadniks. It's a pretty great store except everything is overpriced and they buy most of their inventory at gem shows like the one we went to. I refused to pay something like $12 per inch for gold chain to finish it off, so while at Jo-Ann I found the perfect faux chain RIBBON!

It's amazing & I love it.

Finally something to add to SSS!! Which (evidently) I'm hardly participating in ;(


Labor Day Weekend

Last year, Andrew & I were invited to stay in a cute lil' cottage in Door County. His best friend's family has owned it for something like 17 years or so. It's on Kangaroo Lake, in one of the most picturesque little towns I've been to in the Midwest. I haven't seen much of WI but between Milwaukee and Door County, I could basically move there and be happy for the rest of my life. Seriously.

Kangaroo Lake

Being from the east coast, namely Maryland and New York (read: the Bronx), I've never been camping in my life. Last summer had lots of firsts for me... I sat at my first campfire, had my first s'more (vegan, of course), canoed in a tiny lake, hiked along a cave, and so on. It was amazing. When we got another invite this year I could not contain my excitement!! Andrew has more great photos from last year & our most recent trip up on his flickr.

Two nerds at Cave Point
Got locked up in Fish Creek!
Then we turned into gnomes...

We were invited to go up again this coming spring and apparently it's pretty dead that time of year. I'm excited to see how it looks and feels when there aren't any tourist around. It's so damn cute there, I can't stand it. I totally felt like a little kid exploring new lands & I brought a bunch of small memories home with me.


Commitment Issues

Earlier this summer, I signed up for two awesome sew-alongs. My idea of what was actually possible versus my skill level are, sadly, on two completely different levels. So I've amended my pledge for Self Stitched September to wearing handmade and refashioned items of clothing or accessories/jewelery as much as possible for the duration of September 2010. My plan is to continue working through my projects throughout the month (and beyond, obviously!), so hopefully I'll end up with a nice little collection of things by the time October comes. It's really scary to think how fast time is flying by...

It also seems I've gotten a little carried away with buying rayon floral prints. I'm not even sure what I plan to do with all of them but I love them nevertheless. So 90's!

I am trying to be more consistent as far as blogging is concerned too. In my mind, updating more often will force me to be more productive. Which will hopefully get my creativity going so I can find some design work! Here's to being committed :)