Last year I finally started playing around with my Bamboo Fun again. Randomly, I doodled these posh avocados hanging out on lush pillows because, clearly, avocados are fancy and deserve to be treated as such:

Andrew and I joked about getting them as ~relationship tattoos~ and he actually took the first step last March with Wendell Frazier of Insight Studios. It was his first tattoo, too! Bold move, Santos, bold move.

Eventually the stars aligned for me last April when when Esther Garcia of Butterfat Studios sat me down in her chair and began stabbing me with tiny needles! Before we got to that point, I bought a small heart-shaped pillow during a post-valentine's day sale at Jo-Ann's and hand sewed lace (with butterflies!) onto it as reference.

I can't even explain how ecstatic I was and still am. She's extremely talented and enjoyable to be around. The entire sitting was a pleasure, though, obviously painful (obviously).

Esther's line work was so fluid and she used so many wonderful colors to bring this baby to life. The subtle powder blue and hints of white are my absolute favorite.

There is no good reason why I've been holding out on this post, I just had to wait to get the perfect photo of the healed piece. Evie will be touching up my croissant from my last Butterfat Studios visit next weekend. I can't wait, I love those ladies!