Should be packing...

As soon as Andrew woke up he was dying to make breakfast and seriously, it was delicious. We made an omelette with the spinach, shiitake mushrooms and eggs we got at the market yesterday. Added some garlic and onions, cheddar cheese plus apple cider vinegar, AMAAAZING!

For dinner I made another asparagus tart and it was WAY better than the last time I made it. We killed it.

It looks so cute!

We still have more silly apartment showings too and I can't help but get annoyed, but what's the point? By this time next week we'll have moved already :)



I was totally dreading waking up before 7am this morning but I'm so glad I did. The Green City Market was awesome.

Asparagus 2/$7
Spinach $3
Fingerling Potatoes $5
Rocket $3
Mixed Lettuce $5
Avondale Truckle Cheddar $8
Peach Preserves $5
Chipotle Salsa $8
Cremini/Shiitake Mushrooms $17 (won't make this mistake again!)
Honey Oat/Sourdough Bread $10
Eggs $5
Spinach Tart $4
Apples $5

Spent a total of $85 but we really got A LOT and it's all locally grown, organic, sustainable food. If nothing else I feel proud and like a member of the community which I think is lacking in city life, or at least my city life. I also learned that there's a community garden close to our new place! I'm so excited for that.

I told Andrew our goal for today was asparagus and the free starter plant, so we succeeded! I also picked up my tote and membership card which was equally exciting and look at how freakin adorable my baby tomato plant is:


I really wanted to try some Zeppole di mela (Apple Cider Donuts) from Zullo but we decided to wait and make breakfast at home which was DELICIOUS!!

One farm that really touched me was Growing Home, where we picked up our rocket and mixed lettuce. They have such a great story. I pulled this from their site:

Growing Home was started in 1992 by Les Brown, Director of Policy for the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless... He wrote that “Homeless people are often without roots. They’re not tied down, not connected, not part of their family anymore. Our organic farming program is a way for them to connect with nature – to plant and nurture roots over a period of time. When you get involved in taking responsibility for caring for something, creating an environment that produces growth, then it helps you build self-esteem."


About a week left...

I cannot believe how much packing Andrew and I still have to do. We don't even have movers or a truck scheduled either. Plus, our ridiculous landlord is scheduling showings of this place without telling us and we're the ones who have to drop what we're doing to give the tour. It's so incredibly annoying and rude! I can't wait for May 2nd.


Loved it

I had so much fun this weekend. Andrew and I went shopping for a front rack Saturday but I ended up getting an awesome rear rack instead. I'm proud of my 35lb boat :)

After our ride we ate tons of food and took an amazing nap. Total lazy Sunday even though there is a TON of packing left!


8 Days

Whoops! My unintentional absence was for a lot longer than I even realized... We've signed a two year lease at what seems to be a great apartment. I finally get a dedicated office/craftroom which I'm THRILLED about. Andrew finally gets his own bike work station.

I'm off to enjoy some delicious beer :)


On the move

I signed up for so many swaps this month that I ended up dropping quite a few due to this unexpected move! As of right now I'm not too worried, but I need to go put these fingers to good crafting use and knock out at least 3 tonight!

As promised, a photo of the asparagus tart:

It was so delicious I made a haricot vert version tonight which was no match but still yummy. Andrew made baked salmon and then the best part of the meal was actually a snack for later!

Homemade trail mix:


4 minutes left!!

Andrew and I decided it would be best to move, our rent is just outrageous and given the circumstances we want to do it sooner than later. We've seen at least 6 apartments so far and still have 3 more viewings scheduled. We've also been showing this one to help out our current landlord so I haven't really had much time to craft or blog ;(

Tonight was the my second web design class, only 5 left. It's going by so quickly so I really hope my skills improve enough to help me find a full time job soon!

On a more yummy note, I made a pretty delicious asparagus with fontina and parmesan tart for dinner last night. We had the leftovers topped with fried eggs and sliced tomatoes tonight. I'll post a photo tomorrow. So long for now!


Farm life

It's official. Written in stone, even. I will live on a farm. I'm so passionate about it, I wish we could just up and leave the city tomorrow morning with our pups and Andrew's car packed to the brim! I even managed to look through craigslist ads for rental farms in Oregon and found the most perfect home.

This is all due to Martha Stewart's show on chickens last Friday. I DVR'd it and watched it in awe this morning! I need chickens in my life! Literally spent the whole day reading everything I could find, especially on mypetchicken.com and mcmurrayhatchery.com I even ordered a catalog! Man, I'm really jumping the gun on that one but I can't even express how excited I am to connect with nature on that kind of level!


Easter was a bust!

Mass was pretty awkward and there was a minor puppy incident at Andrew's aunt's house, but I suppose I'm being a bit dramatic. Plus the boys loved their baskets :)

I wore this little bib necklace (still in the making) pinned to my shirt today and I thought it was quite cute. Maybe it'll become a brooch instead, not sure yet. What do you think?


Day 1

I joined over a year ago and finally finished setting up my account today. I've been inspired by many of the people I've found through swap-bot as well as twitter.

So here goes...