Guys, I dropped my tomato plant off my window ledge Sunday. It went crashing down a single story and it broke my heart. I had 5 tomatoes maturing on her! The two babies plopped right off and I had to pick the other three. I'm so sad ;( I'm not sure if she was done for the season, but hopefully her root system isn't in shock.

Look at the carnage!

Anyway, I have been hoarding bedsheets from my local Salvation Army and Saturday was the big day, I finally cut into them! I made this top using New Look 6895. I'm really happy with it, though I will use a more flowy fabric next time because the ruffles are a bit stiff. The back ruffles, with this print, totally made me look like a clown so I removed them.

Andrew's dad had a retirement party on Saturday, which meant we could bring the dogs and take advantage of their awesome backyard. This is just one of the hilarious photos documenting how wild Muscles becomes when off-leash! And Princess, well, Princess will poop ANYWHERE.


  1. How fun! Great job. I never find bedsheets that awesome at my salvation army. They usually look pretty questionable. I like your blog- found it via burdastyle.

  2. Thank you! When I saw it, I immediately grabbed it and ran to the register. I'm glad to see people click the links on burdastyle!

  3. Hi,

    I just found your blog and I love it! how cute are you! following you:)

    welcome to enjoy and follow at

    <3 Anika

  4. Hi again, I would really like to feature you, but can`t find your email.

    check this out, and email me at anikack@gmail.com if you`re interested :) xx


  5. I completely love this top! I've got a sewing machine down the basement and you're inspiring me to start teaching myself to sew!

  6. You have to do it! I'm thinking of taking a break from crocheting for a bit so I can sew up some skirts for the warm weather that's coming. Sewing IS essential.


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