Barton's My Baby

Guess who has new glasses?? I do! I do!

These beautiful Barton Perreira frames are now my most prized possession. They're the Sheldon in Fern Gully. Just look at that color:

They suit my face perfectly. Honestly, I want to wear them all the time even though I'm not supposed to. Turns out my eyes are pretty healthy and my prescription is low, which is great, but I only need them when I'm away from the computer— basically never? My first eye exam since grade school was super weird! Having my pupils dilated was totally trippy but I did score some sweet temporary shades.

Notice anything else? Oh, that's right! My candy colored hair. Almost two years ago I vowed never to return to a salon because I have the worst luck. My hair was super healthy and finally getting long again, too. My goal was more of a natural orange, like, one that occurs in nature. This a touch too manic panic-y, but it'll fade! It already has a bit, thankfully. This is how it looked after I got home from the salon:

I have no idea how to do my makeup now! I feel like I only good with really dark lips? My rose blush looks awkward, no more purple or pink lipstick, and I look so yellow :( At least my glasses are awesome!


  1. i love it all.

    you hair colour! your glasses! i really like your hair with the purple in the last pic.

    the way you work with colour is amazing.

  2. They're adorable, and I love le eyebrows!

  3. Stina, you're too sweet to me <3 I just tried black lips for the first time and I'm REALLY into it. Maybe my new hair isn't so bad??

    @mamabear thanks! I'm obsessed!!

  4. I like the hair, but I'll tell you what I use to get the exact shade of my sister's natural auburn/dark orange hair and that is Loreal's Red Penny. My hair is naturally darkest brown to start with, but after dyeing (I have to use two boxes as I have more hair than anyone else on the planet) we can put our heads up together and you can't tell whose hair ends where.

  5. Thanks for the tip Kimberly! I'm definitely planning on doing all of the upkeep myself. Salon prices are just too high to not be satisfied with the result.

  6. a fern gully refrence!?!?!?!
    you have my heart.. and those glasses are rad!


  7. hello, the glasses are freakinggreat. the perfect greeeen.
    and your hair yes. I dyed my hair orange/copper two summers ago after having natural hair for a long time, too. I love it, dye it every time...but this..your color with some black in it? ...I must try! Good thing youre in Chicago and I'm in NY! won't experience an awkward moment lol.
    Sorry for the long comment. You wear the dark lipstick well...veryy niceee.
    - nat.

  8. Thanks! They're definitely awesome, I love wearing them. Never apologize for leaving a long comment! I don't think I've ever heard of someone complaining, I know I certainly don't. And we can be hair doppelgangers, it's ok :)


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