I don't think you understand how much I love these glasses. These glasses + the darkest lips in as many shades possible + my new hair in a top knot. GUYS!

I discovered my new signature look this weekend while engaging in my fabulous lifestyle. You know, walking the dogs, going to Jo-Ann, picking up batteries, etc... I wore my favorite necklace. Look real close, it's a polaroid of Marie Antoinette! I'm a huge sucker for JC's jewelry, especially their adorable food charms. They make my eyes hurt from too much cute.

The rest of my totally glamorous, errand running outfit details are:
Rose Studs: Betsey Johnson
Shirt: New Look 6895, made by me (read that post here)!
Cardigan: YWIG Swap
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Speaking of New Look patterns, I picked up New Look 6808 which I'm excited about even though I really wanted New Look 6035— that blazer! Of course it was sold out.

Story of my life!


Barton's My Baby

Guess who has new glasses?? I do! I do!

These beautiful Barton Perreira frames are now my most prized possession. They're the Sheldon in Fern Gully. Just look at that color:

They suit my face perfectly. Honestly, I want to wear them all the time even though I'm not supposed to. Turns out my eyes are pretty healthy and my prescription is low, which is great, but I only need them when I'm away from the computer— basically never? My first eye exam since grade school was super weird! Having my pupils dilated was totally trippy but I did score some sweet temporary shades.

Notice anything else? Oh, that's right! My candy colored hair. Almost two years ago I vowed never to return to a salon because I have the worst luck. My hair was super healthy and finally getting long again, too. My goal was more of a natural orange, like, one that occurs in nature. This a touch too manic panic-y, but it'll fade! It already has a bit, thankfully. This is how it looked after I got home from the salon:

I have no idea how to do my makeup now! I feel like I only good with really dark lips? My rose blush looks awkward, no more purple or pink lipstick, and I look so yellow :( At least my glasses are awesome!


The Honeymoon's Over

Well, technically it is but I don't mean it like that! Andrew and I got married Labor Day weekend, which means our mini honeymoon was spent in Door County courtesy of his friend's parents. This was our third year up there and it was just as fantastic as it has ever been. Here, enjoy some photos:

The cabin is so quaint and adorable. There is such a relaxed feeling there, it was perfect for a low-key weekend. Kangaroo Lake was as calming as usual, too:

Our celebratory beverage of choice was Raison d'ĂȘtre since we are not Champagne people, at all, but being totally cheesy and romantical, it's also symbolic of our relationship. Raison d'ĂȘtre means "reason for existing". D'awww.

This is our adorable Tomato Hornworm friend who equally terrified and fascinated me. He was so fat and squishy looking but that face! Eek!

Of course no trip to Wisconsin can end without fresh fried cheese curds all day, every day. Be sure to check out my post about last year's visit.


Big BIG News

I've posted about having commitment issues with my blog in the past, but my little hiatus is well justified this time. Promise! So, where have I been? Well...


Pretty wild, huh? We've been together for over 4 years and totally love each other to death so logically we went to the courthouse and got married. BECAUSE. I didn't change my name, though, we're kind of considering changing both of our names to Santosquez or Velatos because why not? We hired the best wedding photographer we could find: Self Timer!

There were actually quite a few people at the marriage and civil union court. I guess September 2nd just had that something special. The judge who married us had the best name, too (Lionel Jean-Baptiste).

We had our wedding reception at State & Lake since we were downtown. You know, our party of two lunch date wedding reception:

Our minds were actually made up for quite some time about eloping. Neither of us are particularly religious or traditional, though I did, kind of, follow in my mother's footsteps. She married my father in a courthouse and it turns out she met my father on September 2nd! Now THAT is awesome. I actually had no idea until she and I spoke later that day. Like mother, like daughter I GUESS.