Fatshion February: Week Three

It's hard to believe Fatshion February is almost over! It has gone by so quickly. At times I've found it quite challenging to muster up the courage to post a photo of myself (almost) every day regardless of whether or not I feel I'm at my best, but I've tried to push myself so I can grow more comfortable in my skin.

Click-through to view outfit details and larger photos on Andrew's flickr!

I certainly won't be able to keep up with this forever, especially because my outfits will just start cycling from the beginning again and that's totally boring, but if the interest is there, I'll post more outfits from time to time! I had every intention of posting this last week but I completely spaced. My apologies.


Fatshion February: Week Two

I thought I'd have a full (consecutive) seven days worth of outfits to post but alas, I skipped a day, so it's the same number as my first post. My next post will, I promise!

Click-through to view outfit details and larger photos on Andrew's flickr.

Last week was full of random highs and lows, several late nights at work and lots and lots of food (what else is new, right??). Andrew and I did share our 5th Valentine's Day together; it's totally bizarre to think we've been together for that long!

I hope you are enjoying these simple outfit posts. Stay tuned for more craft-related things in the near future, I just have to make the time.


Happy Valentine's Day

Once upon a time, I would actually sketch random adorable things. Shocking, I know! Then I'd obsess over these little sketches and make them into more involved projects, like this one that went from a dinky little pencil sketch to this illustration:

Which then turned into a printed Valentine's Day card I sent to friends and family:

Then it turned into a small sculpture using clay, a glue gun, and a 2x2" wooden base:

The sculpture has since broken into tiny little pieces from moving but I'll always love the photos. It was just so cute. If you've checked out my design website, this is old news, but if you haven't, I hope you like it as much as I do! Happy Valentine's Day ♥


Fatshion February: Week One

Fatshion February is in full effect and, if nothing else, I hope you will realize how hopelessly unfashionable I am in my regular day to day work clothes. And that's a good thing! I think bloggers can mislead people into thinking they're all glitz and all glam all of the time, but my experience is quite different and I think it's totally important to show that that isn't always an option for people. For whatever reason!

So here's my totally normal and boring life over the course of one week (except for last Monday because I just couldn't wait for a photo before my pants came off):

I believe fat-bodied people are often pressured into performing, or else you'll be perceived as a slob or, my personal favorite, as if you've let yourself go, and I think that's bogus. I'm actually pretty sick at the moment and it's press week at work, which means I really wanted to come in wearing yoga pants this morning. It took all of my willpower not to but maybe I should have as my own small act of rebellion...

UPDATE: I forgot to mention you can click-through to view outfit details and larger photos on Andrew's flickr! This is true for almost every photo I post on my blog :)