Boom Boom Boom

Tiffany of Fat Shopaholic invited me to take part in a awesome event she's hosting at Beauty Bar at the end of the month: Boom in the Trunk. It's part blogger meetup, part dance party, part fashion show! How exciting does that sound? So, of course, I've been outfit planning. I think I'll even have enough time to make something really special. After vigorously clicking through the catalogs of McCall's, Vogue, Butterick, and Simplicity, I've settled on a prom dress! Hah!

I just picked it up tonight and I'm not sure which view to use. Any suggestions? I kind of love the cape collar but look at that bow belt! Would it be too much to do both? Here's my fabric choice:

Can you guess where I got my inspiration?

Jeremy Laing | Diane von Furstenberg
Marc Jacobs

Are you dying? I'm dying. Mine won't be a Jeremy Laing but a girl can dream...

If you're in Chicago Thursday, October 27th, and can make it, RSVP on the facebook page Tiffany set up! You can also follow the blog for updates and more details, including info on the sponsors who'll be providing gift bags for the first 150 people! Be sure to check out the other ladies attending: Olivia, Brittney, and Christina :D


  1. If you love the cape collar (my fave too) AND the bow belt, then do both! It'll look sweet in polka dot. You could do the collar and bow in a plain color from the polka dot pattern.

  2. I think I just might do both! I don't want it to look like a quinceanera dress though, OR, maybe I do subconsciously...??

  3. I kind of love the standing collar, they're just insanely flattering and sweet! and with the big bow, well...

    wish I had a dance party coming up to sew for!

  4. Yeah, that standing collar is pretty adorable. Ughhhh... it's so hard to choose!

  5. awesome! what a cool event and i cant wait to see the dress!


  6. Hi I loved your blog, super stylish you already my muse, I'm Brazilian but I live in Paris I did a blog a little while, after a vicitada it to see if you like, kisses and all the best, beautiful!

  7. @Thick Threads: The dress isn't going to be what I wanted at all!! I'm so sad :( We'll see what I whip up for it.

    @Luana: Checking out your blog now :)


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