I'm bored with crocheting the acorn shrug! Emily's, from seymour, turned out great so I should probably shut up and finish mine already, but it's just SC for 137sts over and over and overrr. I enjoy patterns that make me think a little so I took yet another break to work on these puppies...

...for my puppies!

Nothing super complex but it was a nice change of pace. Princess has the most obnoxiously heavy-handed (pawed?) walk ever. Her toe tappin' is the equivalent of Andrew stomping his way up the stairs in his cycling shoes. These baby booties from Lion Brand seemed like the perfect solution so I modified the pattern a bit to fit tiny paws (which are shockingly smaller than baby feet). Her death claws still tap! I'll need to add padding or something to the soles.

Muscles on the other hand is a total ninja. He'll creep up on you without so much as a peep. While I was crocheting the booties he kept eyeing them, so I stuffed one and stitched it up for him.

My luck has been terrible lately! Hopefully November will be awesome. On top of all the rotten crap that has happened this month, I was applying to a design position when I realized my website had been hacked. Yes, HACKED. I don't know what's up with me and October, but my site is back up now.



While crocheting my little heart out, I realized my yarn varies from skein to skein! I know this shouldn't be a big deal but it totally discouraged me. There are varying shades of violet and the weight changes, which is really irritating. I started planning my next project to help me get over it. Andrew wants me to finish the shrug before I move on but I'm only planning! Plus, I can't crochet non-stop till whatever project I'm working on is done. Can you? I need breaks for my fingers, back & sanity.

Limited funds and my EXTREME WANT for Beth Ditto's ah-mazing parka have led me to my next brilliant adventure: I'm going to make it myself! I'll save a whopping $150 and be the proud owner of another handmade garment. I have no idea how long this will take but I've already found the perfect pattern to start from thanks to McCall's!

Beth Ditto Parka
McCall's awesomely similar pattern 5981

Though I've never modified a pattern before, it seems relatively easy? I mean the McCall's pattern and the BD parka are practically identical when you overlook all the embellishments. My plan is to:

+ Add a casing & drawstring at the waist
+ Figure out the ruffle zipper cover & add a button
+ Add loops midway up the arm for rolled sleeves
+ Sub nylon taffeta for fleece (if I can ever find any!)
+ Add a zipper that zips up the entire collar
+ Studs, lots and lots of studs!

This is my little sketch of what the end result will hopefully look like:

I'm so excited :D


Week of TERROR

Not to be all melodramatic and whatnot, but man! What a freakin' week this is turning out to be. Andrew and I ate out Saturday night* and by the time Monday morning rolled around I was DEAD. Between sobs and toilet hugs, I napped and generally hated life. I have never been that sick. Tuesday came and I couldn't have been happier. I'd made it! The day was totally uneventful with the exception of getting some new project ideas and being a nerd on the Internet. CUT TO WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON.

I hear a bang. I get up and walk to my back door... AND THERE ARE TWO ASSHATS TRYING TO BREAK INTO MY APARTMENT!!

I don't know what on Earth possessed me to yell at them but I asked "Can I help you??!" A total WTF moment. I'm fine, pissed off but fine. The cops were no help either because I didn't actually see the asshats (they ran away when they heard my voice). Ugh!! Week of terror better be over.

*Never eat at Cemitas Puebla on North Avenue. It will murder you.


Slow Progress

This is what a single 3oz skein of Lion Brand yarn looks like when it's SC in the back loops for 137 Sts with a J hook. It would make a nice super stretchy scarf at this length, something I'll need to remember for Christmas :) I've never crocheted in the back loops before so it took some getting used to but I really like the stripe effect!

42" wide, 7" long & I've got 43" to go!

If you're using this pattern, I suggest buying an extra skein of yarn for safe measure. I really hope it fits. The pattern calls for 38" in length but I may make it 50" to be on the safe side. This is a perfect example why "one size fits most" makes no sense/I hate being an inbetweenie.

I've baked three loaves of no-knead bread this week! The first was actually my most beautiful to date and for some reason it held the highest rise. The other two deflated upon pouring into my cast iron pot. It makes me so sad every time that happens, though the last one turned out nice. Being the HUGE nerd that I am, I recorded the crackling sounds while it cooled. Imagine me in my apartment. It's 2am on a Friday night... everyone's asleep and this beauty starts singing to me... *crackle* *CRACKLE* *bread sounds* *crackle*

om nom nom