How Neat is N.E.E.T.?

Stephanie from N.E.E.T. Magazine reached out to me last month for a brief interview about none other than Princess and Muscles! How could I resist?

Head over to N.E.E.T. Magazine and read the March issue. It's jam-packed with fur babies, so you know it's totally worth it!


Fatshion February: Week Four

How sad! The very last post for Fatshion February, in March no less...

Click-through to view outfit details and larger photos on Andrew's flickr!

February 29th sucked SO much. I ended up going to an urgent medical care facility because I thought I had a herniated disc. Turns out Dr.Google was incorrect and it was just some intense muscle spasms, thankfully! The pain was definitely very real though. I had to stay home from being doped up on the painkillers I was prescribed and I slept for, like, 12 straight hours. It was GLORIOUS. Needless to say, I was in no shape for an outfit photo. Till next year!