I suppose if I actually did have a problem then I would have been able to spell it out though, right? My logic is totally sound, I'm sure you agree.

Every time I stop in Walgreens for something like q-tips or a KitKat (who am I kidding, it's almost always a KitKat) I end up buying nail polish. The other day I bought seven! Oops? This super ridiculous habit of mine also means that I'm constantly changing my nails. To try and get myself more excited about my crocodile stitch skirt, I painted them to match.

I usually love scalloped edge everything so I'm happy with how my nails turned out but not so much my skirt ;\ I don't know. I'm not sure how I feel about the colors or the pattern I've created but I've got a good chunk of it done and I have to finish! It's already up to 300+ grams too so it will be the heaviest skirt in all the world.

Don't you hate it when you get halfway done with a project and this kind of thing happens? Being wishy-washy is the worst but I'm sure I'll get over it.



No, really. I am. Want proof?


Andrew and I woke up feeling the need to channel IKEA's Cookbook and Longman & Eagle for one reason or another. I think it worked out in everyone's best interest. Here's the evidence:

Crab Cake Bits

Garlic Potato Bits

Hollandaise Bits

Eggs Benedict Bits

And really, not to toot my own horn, BUT IT WAS FABULOUS. I absolutely love when each element of my meals is homemade (save for the mayonnaise + panko crumbs used for the crab cakes). At first I was pretty worried about the hollandaise sauce because I don't have a double boiler and I didn't want my yolks to curdle! but it turned out to be really simple. Next time I definitely plan to make my own english muffins, but I just baked a no-knead loaf so it made sense to use it.

Another awesome meal we made last week (other than all of them? ;P) was Jalapeño Popper Grilled Cheese Sandwiches:

SO delicious

I totally recommend you visit Closet Cooking! If you decide to make this sandwich I suggest you up the jalapeño count as well as add some extra cream cheese.

So, I feel the need to express how dire our kitchen situation was for, oh, about the last month?? We were literally down to condiments and frozen tater tots before we finally went to the grocery store. In celebration of finally having food, I made the world's largest batch of shakshuka but Andrew and I gobbled it down before he had a chance to take any photos. This week I'll be making pizza, pasta and pie! Cooking is fun again, yay :D