Swap Recap!

Part of the promotion for Your Weight in Gold's The Gold & The Beautiful included a feature in Time Out: Chicago. The girls and I were really excited for the exposure and opportunity to reach a larger audience + Andrew got to take the photos for it!

Unfortunately the copy they ran totally misrepresented us and our cause. They also printed a lot of misinformation about the name, details, and even the time? but... they've since apologized and ran a retraction, so I guess there's that. Nevertheless, this is the issue Rachel and I were in:

As for the swap itself, I spent the entire night sorting through thousands upon thousands of donated clothing items. Like, literally the entire night. We had about 200 ladies (maybe even more??) show up and we were completely whelmed by it. We never anticipated that kind of turnout and though it showed, I think the night was super successful. Everyone was so positive and just plain happy. People walked out with tons of new clothes that fit them and their bodies perfectly.

Rachel greeted our guests at the door while I sorted their clothes into our 4 size groups before going out to the main area for everyone to pick through. This was no small task. Thank GOD for the awesome ladies who helped me!! At certain points throughout the evening the pile of clothes to be sorted was taller than me. I'm 5'4".

I did break for the bathroom and to get some fresh air which allowed me to get some photos snapped with Rachel, Alithea and Jessica. I love them so much!! Lucy Hewett took some nice shots which you can check out on flickr.

After hours and hours of setting up, sorting, swapping, annnd cleaning up I was...


It was such a great experience and though we've had some negative feedback, I'm extremely proud of what the four of us accomplished in a single month's time. I've never seen so many happy fat women in the same room enjoying themselves and celebrating their bodies, all while making new friends and finding clothes they really love. It still makes me smile when I think about it...


  1. Wow wow wow! Congratulations!

    This bit-

    "I've never seen so many happy fat women in the same room enjoying themselves and celebrating their bodies, all while making new friends and finding clothes they really love"

    is truly my idea of fat heaven. I wish I could've been there!

  2. It looks like so much fun and I wish I could have been there.

    I'm hoping to have fat-ups all over the country when I am there from November to February.

  3. i'm so happy and proud of you all for doing this!

  4. Aw, Jacqueline, it really was fat heaven! I wish you could have been there as well :) We're planning our next event, if you're able to come you really should!

    Wow Kath, you're going to be here for three months? That's fantastic. We will definitely have to meet up!

    Thanks so much Stina! You should come next time ;) You're not that far...

  5. That last picture is so fucking kewwwwwt


  7. I am so glad it went well! It looks like it was so much fun, and it was such a great accomplishment on your (and the other three ladies) part - congrats! Maybe I can make the next one! <3

  8. This sounds like a great event even if you did get some negative feedback. Organizing on that scale is no easy feat! Maybe one day I can come down from Canada for one of the events :)

  9. You Canadians better come to the next one! NO excuses ;P


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