The Honeymoon's Over

Well, technically it is but I don't mean it like that! Andrew and I got married Labor Day weekend, which means our mini honeymoon was spent in Door County courtesy of his friend's parents. This was our third year up there and it was just as fantastic as it has ever been. Here, enjoy some photos:

The cabin is so quaint and adorable. There is such a relaxed feeling there, it was perfect for a low-key weekend. Kangaroo Lake was as calming as usual, too:

Our celebratory beverage of choice was Raison d'être since we are not Champagne people, at all, but being totally cheesy and romantical, it's also symbolic of our relationship. Raison d'être means "reason for existing". D'awww.

This is our adorable Tomato Hornworm friend who equally terrified and fascinated me. He was so fat and squishy looking but that face! Eek!

Of course no trip to Wisconsin can end without fresh fried cheese curds all day, every day. Be sure to check out my post about last year's visit.


  1. cheese curds rule, and so does Raison d'être. looks like a lovely time.

  2. Congratulations! Those cheese curds look like I need to shoving them in my mouth RIGHT NOW.

  3. My husband and I lived in WI for a little bit and my favorite parts about it were the cheese curds and Door County. It was the only place that kind of reminded me of home (Maine)!

  4. awwww awesome! great pictures. looks so relaxing! and that worm is totally creepy! lol but awesome at the same time :)


  5. These photos are amazing! You have a talent lady :)

  6. I don't know about you guys, but... cheese curds are kind of like a life source for me? I definitely need to refuel soon.

    Thanks @mamabear, I only took a few of these actually. The rest were all Andrew :)

  7. You two are just so gorgeous. Love all these photos.


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