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My life has totally become one giant crochet party because of winter. Our neighbor David, also known as Torch, saw Andrew throw his cowl on over his head during an excessively cold day. He proclaimed its likeness to "a squirrel being wrapped around his neck" and asked me to make him one! I loved the way he put it, so of course I tweeted about it (duh!) and the wonderful Lexy at BeautyFash requested one too!

She very sweetly blogged about the cowl here; you have to check out her adorable photos + matching nail polish (I love it!!). Once I sent Lexy's cowl off, I focused on making a headband inspired by this ASOS one Lunatepetal tweeted about:

Mine isn't as big, or cream OR KNITTED (obviously), but it's one of the first things I've made my own pattern for which means I'm super excited about it. It's nice and chunky, stretchy, and super warm; in other words, it's perfect.

Want to make one? No problem! I used the trinity stitch to make the headband so if my instructions are unclear just check out one of the many tutorials online, or leave a comment and I'll try to help! **Edit: I forgot to say what size hook! J HOOK!**

Ch 14
R1: SC in 2nd Ch from hook, *insert hook in same st, YO and pull through, (insert hook in next Ch, YO and pull through) twice, YO and pull through 4 loops, Ch 1*; repeat from * across row.
R2: Ch 1, SC in 1st st, *insert hook in same st, YO and pull through, (insert hook in next Ch, YO and pull through) twice, YO and pull through 4 loops, Ch 1*; repeat from * across row.
Repeat R2 until it wraps comfortably around your head. Mine is 50 rows long (but I have a big head). Fasten off and sew seam.

Smaller Band
Ch 8
R1: SC in 2nd Ch from hook, *insert hook in same st, YO and pull through, (insert hook in next Ch, YO and pull through) twice, YO and pull through 4 loops, Ch 1*; repeat from * across row.
R2: Ch 1, SC in 1st st, *insert hook in same st, YO and pull through, (insert hook in next Ch, YO and pull through) twice, YO and pull through 4 loops, Ch 1*; repeat from * across row.
R3-14: Repeat R2.
Fasten off, wrap around the band and sew seam so that it sinches like the photo!

I also made a hat using this pattern from HeadHuggers.org! I think the highlighter yellow/lime color totally makes it:

Reminds me of a latex swimming cap!

I never wear headbands or hats because I don't usually like the way I look in them and they tend to give me headaches (as evidenced by my silly sideways faces (just wearing them for the photos kind of hurt)). But seeing as how the weather's been below zero lately, I figured it's probably time I be an adult and get over myself. Oh, yeah... Did I forget to mention my new bangin' tattoo?? Check out that sweet faux bois crochet hook!!

Hooker Pride


  1. I LOVE that cowl, can you please share which pattern you used to make it! Please, please....
    I have been learning to crochet this winter, with so much snow I don't have much else to do! Check out my blog to see what I have crafted thus far. I am in love with the infinity scarf and I love your cowl with the drawstring. My son has been begging me to make him a MANLY infinity scarf so I showed him what you did and he has to have one! great blog....

  2. I love the tattoo. I'm planning a crochet themed tattoo myself soon.

  3. You're amazing! And so inspiring to this new crocheter.

  4. You're the cutest thing there ever was <3

  5. You're so stinking cute! Jealous of your crochet and knitting skills. I'm dying to make a knit cowl with buttons! But the buttonholes freak me out. But I haven't knit in a good long while and in those (yoinks!) 10 years, youtube has come along. Time to get back to cracking!

  6. oh, you made one!! I absolutely love the headband, and you look so cute with it!! now I have to find time to squeeze this project in...

  7. Who is your tattoo artist? Fabulous!

    I like that hat. Though it's never cold enough to wear one here.

  8. Kath, I'm not sure if you've been following along or not BUT IT'S SNOWING INTO MY APARTMENT. Totally insane.

    The tattooist is actually this super cute queer chick who JUST started tattooing at a local shop here in Chicago. Her name is Polly. Adorable.

  9. It's pretty apocalyptic in parts of Queensland too, though you'd never know it looking out my window.

    When I go to Chicago again I may have to visit Polly!

  10. haha! I love your concerned facial expressions.

  11. Hooker pride! haha, thats awesome.
    I love that you made that pattern your self. I've been knitting alot this year, but for some reason, crochet really overwhelms me....i'll have to give it a bash!

  12. Ack! So many lovely ladies <3

    @Lynn: You're a total sweetie, but I don't have a real pattern for it! I just DC in the round until it's long enough to pull over my head and still cover my neck! The drawstring is just a really long chain that I weave through the last row of stitches. Hope that helps :)

    @Melissa: Do it! I love mine even though it's all gross and peely now.

    @Imt: You are such a doll, thank you!

    @Jessica: Shut up! XOXO

    @Christine: I wish I knew how to knit! It's so much harder than crocheting (in my opinion). Buttonholes in crocheted projects are easy, I have no idea how hard they are while knitting so good luck!

    @HARUNA: It's a really quick pattern, just took me a couple hours while watching Netflix. I'm glad you like it :)

    @Kath: I've heard! I hope everyone is safe after all the terrible flooding too... When you're in Chicago next time, you will HAVE to visit me. Obviously. Everyone else is secondary ;P

    @Christina: Your blog is to-die-for. I want to make and eat everything you post. Amazing.

    @islabell: Thanks, I crack myself up! Crochet is so easy. You must try it. I can't wrap my head around knitting to save my life!

  13. I'll be in Chicago in either December or January. I'll hold you to that!

  14. OH MY GAWD YOUR TATTOO. I LOVE IT!! I saw on Twitter when you mentioned A+D and I thought, ahh, must be a new tattoo. I'm totally jealous. Love the headband too! Great work!

  15. I just found your blog from a shrug pattern on the Lion Brand site and I love it! You're adorable!

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