Extreme Weather

For those of you who live under a rock, or say, Florida, we've been experiencing some EXTREME weather in the world. Chicago got hit by its third largest blizzard and I loved every minute of it. Thankfully we didn't lose power or anything. Walking the dogs was a bit hellish during the actual storm but the day after was AWESOME.

Everyone in Chicago had the day off work because the streets were packed with 20" of super fun times. I was really excited to finally put my hat to good use while playing outside. Muscles LOVED the snow and Princess just looked adorable hopping around in her old age.

After every walk Muscles came in COVERED IN SNOW BALLS! SO creepy cute.

The worst part of the whole ordeal was our crappy back door's inability to keep the snow out. The wind was FIERCE so we had to clean up snow inside our apartment!

It's still snowing & I'm in love with it. It's going to snow tomorrow too! Oh, Chicago ♥


  1. Meanwhile, Sydney just had a record-breaking heatwave. I don't like being cold and I've never seen snow so I think I'd be bad at walking around it in, but I was super jealous of Chicago on Saturday when I was walking around in 40°C/105°F heat.

  2. Man, oh, man... I can never believe it when people say they've never seen snow! Chicago is such a wild city, we have severe weather on both sides of the spectrum. This past summer, our hottest day of the year was 95°F/35°C with a heat index of 107°! I'd totally rather be cold though, I melt in heat like that!!

  3. The happiest I've ever been was sitting in 2ft of snow in Chicago, quietly steaming. I can't wait to go back and be in that environment again.

    While it hasn't quite been as hot here in Brisbane as it has for Frances in Sydney, it's still been hellish and I hate even the slightest bit of heat. I am quite jealous too!

  4. P.S. The captcha word for my post above was "Cootch". Giggle!


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