Christmas Photo Explosion!

Well you guys, I'm a terrible blogger. I even lost my first follower! Andrew was in the Philippines for about 2 weeks and he took his Olympus and Canon with him; I was left with my webcam/phone, both of which don't count in my book. So—to make it up to you—are you ready for a Christmas photo explosion??

Our little celebration was really sweet, and filled with a bunch of firsts. Last year the pups stayed with Andrew while I went home to NY, so this was Muscles' first real one with presents and everything. It was adorable to watch him rip open his gifts while Princess waited for the goods. And since this was my first Christmas in Chicago, it called for my first Christmas tree!

I made this using Dollar Tree bulbs + a wire hanger!

My 1st tree with tons o' gifts!!

Muscles sniffing out his gifts & ripping 'em open!

Princess & her gingerbread nomz

Best rings ever?!

Crocheted for my mom :D


TIM & I are twins!

Crocheted coffee cup sleeves for my mama (+ mother Earth lulz)

Andrew's crocheted cowl

We also gave my mom a nice collection of teas and one of those Starbucks look-a-like coffee mugs. She was super sweet and gave Andrew a few things for his cameras from Photojojo, plus an awesome camera lens mug. I got the back issue of Crochet Today that I wanted so bad AND a year subscription!! She totally spoils me, like seriously. I got The Complete Book of Sewing too! Now I have zero excuses for not sewing all day, every day.

After opening our gifts we lounged around and eventually headed over to Andrew's uncle's house for an absolutely delicious meal. It was the best. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and in the new year I PROMISE TO BLOG MORE OFTEN. LIKE ALL THE TIME. PROMISE.

P.S. My Christmas tree is a huge deal, like you don't even know. I'm totally going to write a post dedicated to it and its ornaments because I love them SO MUCH!!


  1. Your wreath and tree are gorgeous!! I love all your crafted gifts too, especially the cowl!

  2. Thanks, lady! I almost didn't decorate at all, but I'm so glad I did :)

  3. Why are you SO precious??? You're the cutest thing!!!

  4. yes, yes! I want to hear more about your tree!

    lovely holiday post & photos!

  5. @Christian Aimee: The slippers are so slippery! I need add some kind of soles to 'em.

    @Jessica: Girl, please! You're my favorite <3

    @getsconedpdx: Tree post coming up!

  6. Hello,

    with that camera and lens that are doing the photos, are very well congratulations.

    A greeting....

  7. Hello,

    thanks for the reply, but as we say in Spain is not a question of "rhetoric" I'm a student of photography and I love the look of the photos with that camera are made.

    A greeting.

  8. I'm sorry Joe, I have no idea what you are saying. I took your first comment as a generally positive comment, so I thanked you. Now I'm at a loss...

    If you're complimenting the camera, well then great. The 5D is a wonderful camera. The 35 f/1.4 L is also a great lens. I hope you're not implying the photos are only good as a result of the equipment used. I'm not sure what rhetorical question you're speaking of, but I'm glad you love the look of the photos!

  9. Jaimielee Hello, happy new year, thank you very much for the answers, photos would be just as beautiful had used the camera to be. Thank you very much.

    Sorry for my English is not very good.

  10. Please share the pattern for the slippers! A-stinkin-dorable!!!! I NEED a pair! ;)

  11. Hi! I based the slippers off of this pattern: http://bit.ly/cxCjBr

    I used a K hook instead of the recommended I hook and two strands of worsted weight yarn. The pattern calls for you to sew the heel together which was weird to me so using a different color (double strands again) I:

    Ch 13, turn, DC in next 11 sts.
    Ch 2, turn, HDC in next 7 sts, SC in next st, Sl st in next st.
    Fasten off.

    Sew the weird triangle-ish shape you just made to the sole and sides and Sl st around the edge of the slipper. Fasten off and weave in ends.

    I know this may seem SUPER odd and that's because I'm far from a crochet pattern-maker. If you can come up with a better solution, I'd love to hear it! I also chose to make a puff stitch flower instead of the one given in the pattern.

    Hope that helps :)

  12. Awesome, thanks for getting back to me! I can't wait to try them. (yours turned out super cute compared to the pic on the website, hehe.) maybe because you used 2 strands?? Can't wait to give them a try! (thanks for the "correction" to the heel part too).

  13. Hi, I found your blog from the review you left for the Acorn Shrug. Yours is darling. I love the slippers here (can't wait to make them - thanks for the pattern info above). I love the cowl you made too. My husband might actually wear that. Any chance you can share the pattern or info for that one? I would really love to make it! I'll frequent your blog for sure, I love your style, AND you love to crochet. :-)


  14. Thanks so much L! You're a sweetheart. I just replied to someone else asking about the cowl but I don't have a pattern for it. I just DC in the round until it's long enough to pull over my head and still cover my neck! The drawstring is just a really long chain that I weave through the last row of stitches. You can also look up cowls on Lion Brand or Crochet Pattern Central!


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