My sadness in iPhone photos & screenshots:

Friday I went to Joann to pick up the Cynthia Rowley pattern, and to my surprise:
All Simplicity patterns were 99¢ till the 22nd. Great. Now it's going to cost me full price ($16.95) whenever they actually have it back in stock! I don't know which part is worse, missing out on the pattern while on sale or the print I chose being sold out till February 25th! So it seems metallic gold check wins. I'm not sure I'll be able to finish the dress in time for The Gold & The Beautiful, but here's hoping...


  1. :( good luck! I'm sure something will work out!

  2. Same thing happened to me this weekend. I wanted their new "perfect fit" princess seam dress pattern with adjustable bust cup sizes!) I hate when they are sold out!

  3. what an amazing dress and i love the fabric you chose. xo lumi

  4. Ugh! It's the pits, isn't it?! I have horrible timing, and they're still sold out ;(


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