Christmas & Hanukkah

As the Holidays got closer I realized I wouldn't be able to make it to New York this year. It's bittersweet because it has been my only guaranteed trip back home since moving here. But I'm excited to spend my first Christmas in Chicago!

I've been planning gifts to send home, and let me tell you, my family is HUGE. I have 7 aunts and uncles, a single set of grandparents, and 7 cousins in New York. My mom lives in Maryland as well as my step-dad and his family. I'm not making something for everyone (obviously) but the few I'm focusing on are so hard to make decisions for! My family isn't really of the crafty persuasion, apart from my mom and step dad, so it can be a bit challenging. I've joined Crafty Christmas Club to blog about top secret gifts there. Not that my family actually reads this, but you know, for safe measure ;)

My planning has me thinking of what I really want. Not that I'm asking for anything because I hate putting wishlists together... But I couldn't resist because some things are just MUST-HAVEs for me. Like these gems:

Colette Pattern's adorable Macaron, because DUH!

A subscription to Crochet Today + May/June's Issue ft. that top!
Jen Oaks' Kitty Bon Bon Giclee Print & loosetooth's Mermaid Gocco Print! & the Twin Lens Holga + Color Flash from Photojojo!

Maybe some creepy old bearded man with astigmatism and an affinity towards milk & cookies is reading... One can only hope!!


  1. I REEEEEEEALLLLY want macaron for christmas too...... Bah!

  2. I am working on the Macaron at the moment! Such a nice pattern!

  3. I'm glad we share a common lust for gorgeous patterns like Macaron while being unemployed. It helps me get through it.


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