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Chicago's fairs and markets never cease to bring me joy, especially when pastries are involved! With the cooler weather creeping in, most of them are wrapping up till next year but the few that stick it out during fall/winter are fabulous. Last weekend a great place called Logan Square Kitchen hosted a Halloween Pastry Market with local vendors. Of the few we tried, our favorites were:

Salted Caramel sells delicious caramel popcorn with either smoked pecans or bacon. Andrew tried and loved the bacon but the pecans—ZOMG!

Pecan Caramel Corn

Mayana Chocolate had a HUGE assortment. I really wish I'd gotten 100 more macarons though, they were absolutely adorable and delicious.

Sesame Macaron & Coconut Peanut Butter Brownie

Katherine Anne Confections are known for their amazing caramel and yet we only gobbled up samples of it. Their truffles are divine!

Spiced Rum Coconut Truffles

All of these pastries have reinforced my desire to go back to school. Pastry & Baking program, here I come? And here's one more for good measure:


  1. Are they supposed to look like burgs? Totally weird!

  2. That Pecan Caramel Corn just made me instantly drool. 'Scuse me while I fetch a tissue. OM NOM NOM!!

  3. Hah, yeah... the 'meat' was hazelnut chocolate mousse-ish topped with mandarin fruit 'cheese slice' on a sesame 'bun' :D It was actually the best macaron I've ever had!

    LOL Emma! It was TOTALLY drool-worthy! The smoked pecans were insane.

  4. Gimme! Gimme!!

    I'll fight Emma for that pecan caramel corn.

  5. We finished it only moments after that photo was taken lol.


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