My days have not been jam-packed with busy business, contrary to my absence. You'd think I was out saving the world, but alas, I'm just a procrasticrafter. And broke... I need to finish a bunch of projects but it has been a little difficult. I still haven't gotten the lining, cording or zipper for my Parkahh! I need yarn for some crocheted presents annnd my mom's coming into town on the 21st, so now a non-stop cleaning marathon will ensue!

The best part of my little absence would be the WTFAWESOME opportunity to work at VSA Partners starting last week. It's just a short-term freelance job, but still VERY exciting. I'll post something better soon, I promise.

POLL NOTE: With a 15% lead, the pencil sketch of HippopotamusME won 11 to 8! I'll take that into consideration, though a friend of mine recommended I try coloring it in. So, I might take a shot at that. Might. Maybe. We'll see. See ya later!

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