When I was younger I absolutely adored hippos with all my heart! To be honest, I adored all animals with all my heart, but hippos and giraffes were at the top of my list. One day my dad made up a pretty elaborate story about "where I came from." The long and short of it was I was adopted from a family of hippos. I know. Kind of weird but just go with it... My dad started calling me Hippopotamuslee instead of Jaimielee and at first I hated it. He passed away when I was 8 years old, along with the nickname. It wasn't until recently that I became rather obsessed with it again. For my senior project in college I even created a small stationery company named Hip Oh! Paper Goods. The original logo transformed from this:

To this much cuter version (because seriously who doesn't love a hippo bum):

The other day I decided to create a mark for myself as Hippopotamuslee. All of my free time combined with a burning desire to revamp my blog led to this:

I'm really quite happy with them (me?), though I can't decide if I prefer my pencil sketch over my vector version. I set up a poll over to the right so you can vote! I've encouraged you to visit jaimieleedesign.com before and in the spirit of a redesign, I'm thinking of moving my blog to that domain (I'll let you know if/when). I'm even considering switching to WordPress. *GASP!* You'll still follow me, RIGHT??


  1. I agree, hippos are so darn adorable. Call me crazy but I am dying to plan a first "Happy Hippos" birthday party for a little girl. Could you imagine how cute that would be?!!

    And I voted for the pencil version, so charming!

  2. My hippo hat would be perfect for a 1st birthday!


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