New Look

This weekend I set out to finish what I started because, let's face it, I'm terrible at finishing things. Which unfinished project am I talking about now? Revamping Hippopotamuslee! I first blogged about redesigning things here back in November of last year. Though I didn't switch to WordPress, I've finished my mark and created a proper header! It (she? I?) started out as this pencil sketch and vector drawing:

I'm really happy with how it turned out! Knowing me and my perfectionist ways, I'll probably end up reworking the lettering some. What do you guys think? Do you dig the new look? I certainly hope so!

UPDATE: I drew the lettering! It's based on my handwriting & originally looked like:


  1. <3 the new layout!

  2. Very cute and I love the script you've used for the header.

  3. ooh, yes, loving the new look. That pencil sketch is so genius! :) x

  4. Thank so much everyone! I'm really happy you all like it :)

    Kath, it's my handwriting, just a wee bit fancier. It always takes me forever to illustrate it on the computer! I'll probably fatten up the "Lee" eventually.

    Thanks Becca, it started out as a random doodle and then it took off!

  5. I really love the new look. It's very cute! The logo is just beautiful.


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