When I first started this blog I was obsessed with swap-bot. Eventually I had to wind down because I couldn't afford all of the postage, and now it's been over a year since I last signed in! To motivate myself to get back on the bandwagon of crafting adorable, small, albeit useless things, I decided to post some of my past creations :)

The guys above and the turtle below were all 2" or smaller; the smaller, the better!

Amigurumis were actually how I started crocheting more regularly. I called this little pooch Guccigurumi because it's supposed to be my uncle's Maltese, Gucci!

Unfortunately none of the groups I was a part of are still active on swap-bot, and most of my family is totally not into this sort of thing, so I can't even make them as small holiday gifts! Maybe I can swap with some awesome crafty bloggers? Right??


  1. I don't have anything to swap (because I am not crafty AT ALL) but I would be your grateful recipient ANYTIME!

  2. Those are super cute, I love little things! I make a lot of ornaments for christmas, so then they're a little more useful.

  3. Cute Russian Matroyskie dolls. i dig it.

  4. youre awesomely crafty lady! im loving this stuff!


  5. Thanks, guys!

    I'll totally make you something Kath! <3

    Ornaments are a great idea, Molly, that amigurumi owl was actually an ornament. Our tree is so tiny though and I have a billion ornaments already (http://bit.ly/eKjC2t)!

  6. the embroidered cupcake is so adorable!!
    i dont know what you would like to swap but i would love to try :)my bead needle-felting blog is the only craft blog i have up right now but i craft allot more then that.

  7. Thanks Mireya! We should totally arrange something :)

  8. oh my goodness, this is totally my thing! if there's a swap, I'm in :)

  9. Oh man, Emily! So far it's just you, me, and Mireya. Maybe if I make an official post about it people would sign up?

  10. Replies
    1. Oh, welcome to the archives lol! I still love all these tiny creations. I need to start making them again.


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