BOOM Recap

After the tequila wore off (what was I thinking?), I realized how sad I was the night was over. The only unfortunate part was my lack of a camera. Andrew sold his Olympus a couple of weeks ago and his wide angle lens is currently being repaired. There's no way I could have managed to take any good photos with my phone or his telephoto lens (though I regret not trying!), so I had to wait till I could steal photos to post this. These event photos are all courtesy of Josh Slater.

I'd never been to Beauty Bar, not even when it was Sonotheque, but it was super cute! The decor and atmosphere were totally perfect for the event.

The blogger gift bags were filled with really awesome things from naKiMuli, Simply Be, We Love Colors, Masaari, and Re/Dress. We also got some great gift certificates from Monif C., Masaari, and Jibri. All very exciting and super cool.

I'm so grateful Tiffany invited me! It was awesome meeting Christina, Olivia, and Brittney. Plus all of the wonderful ladies who showed up! And Samwell! There are tons more photos over on the Boom in the Trunk blog so go check them out :)

And I'm sure you've noticed my Simplicity prom dress never came to fruition. I just got too nervous about ordering the wrong fabric online, something I obviously need to get over, and quick. Looking back, I definitely would have felt overdressed had I finished in time. My muslin doesn't fit quite right yet so I still have some work to do, and another rad event to wear it to!


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