26 Days of Creativity Recap & then some...

See what I did there?? I admittedly got a little distracted during the final stretch. I won't bother breaking each day down like my previous posts because I only worked on one thing after Plaid Day. And that was Lisette's Portfolio Top, which I plan to finish this weekend. Unfortunately I ran into a giant obstacle, like, uh, not paying attention and cutting the wrong size! Of course I didn't realize until I was almost done, too. So instead let's have a thumbnail party.

Roundup #1 | Roundup #2 | Plaid Day!

There was an absolutely ridiculous flash hail storm Thursday night. It was a gorgeous day for Andrew's track racing but after a single race the sky went pink, then purple, and then lightning set in. It was both amazing and terrifying all at once— the lighting was so wild! I even recorded a hilarious video of me laughing hysterically while Andrew's car gets beaten to a pulp by hail.

Just look at the size of that hail!!

Chicago has got some serious identity issues when it comes to its weather. The next morning was like nothing had ever happened, well, not quite:

The last random bits of bits to share are... (also known as my life in screenshots):

Uh, BurdaStyle tweeted about my Plaid Sorbetto Tuesday? But wait, it gets better!

WHOA! Right?! I could hardly believe they featured me on Wednesday! How wild is that? Oh, but then I checked back again last night and...

What the...??



  1. Wow Congrats on the feature :D And also--I thought that hail was earplugs at first--that's insanely huge hail!

  2. Thanks! I'm still totally freaking out about it haha ;P

  3. i am going to do a '30 days of creativity' cause youre so inspiring!

  4. That's awesome Stina! It was really great committing to it because I couldn't be lazy without feeling guilty. We should do a sew along or something!

  5. you're gorgeous and your DIY stuff is AMAZING. you should NOT be surprised that anyone wants to post/recommend your ideas! i love your blog sooo much!

    sarah rose

  6. You're so sweet Sarah! Thank you :)

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