Nail Couture

My totally fabulous and awesome manicure is no more ;( It began to chip away after two weeks but that is a brand new record for me! And with all of the job interviews I had recently I had to go for a more toned down look anyway. Isn't it silly that ten differently painted nails are somehow inappropriate? They're just nails! I chose the brightest red I own then had a little fun with it because solid color doesn't cut it for me anymore.

I also have to talk about these fun rings I won in Gazel of Bonjour Gazel's giveaway! I keep saying "I never win things!" but it's become a lie since I've won two giveaways now plus all of the awesome Scotch freebies last month.

Though I really like the 4 finger ring, it didn't fit me quite right. My poor little pinky looked ridiculous so I decided to use my soldering iron and pull that sucker apart. Thirty seconds later and I've got a whole other ring to add to the lot.

Thanks Gazel :)

My next post is gonna be a doozy! I've just finished putting together a nail polish rack and I'm super excited to share it with you, I just need finish up the tutorial.


  1. Gorgeous rings! I'd love to see the nail polish rack too :D

  2. i love that this is job interview wear for you.

  3. I'll post the rack tutorial as soon as I'm done embellishing it, which is actually taking a lot longer than I'd anticipated!

    Hah, just the polish, not the rings! I know people are forgiving of creatives but I doubt a 4 finger skull ring would be ok!

  4. nails look amazing! please teach us how to do this :) also, congrats on your job!!!

    sarah rose

  5. So far it's going really well, thanks :)

    I'll post a tutorial for the nails soon, but it's really super easy, you just use tape!

  6. I'm in love with the turquoise ring

  7. lindos, fico chateada, pois nem consigo, estes aneis que me sirva... o que faço... <3

  8. amei! muito lindos seus aneis! to te seguindo!