My initial plan was to post three roundups but the fine folks at 30DaysofCreativity.com were kind enough to include me on a super sweet deal, so this post is special. I was sent a package of "tools" to aid in my creation for June 23rd: Plaid Day. Today is the 25th so I'm obviously a bit behind, but I did live-tweet my progress. Don't believe me? Go check! Anyway, after a little fighting with UPS, I finally received my package and I could not believe how generous the people at Scotch Brand were for sending out these awesome supply kits. I mean, just look at all this stuff:

Enough scissors and adhesives to last a lifetime

I have to admit, I was a bit stumped because I haven't worked on any paper specific projects in a long, long time. But then it dawned on me: the entire online sewing community has been ALL OVER Colette's new free pattern, the Sorbetto Tank Top. It was obviously the perfect fit!

Day 23: Sorbetto-betto
I had high hopes of finishing this project in one day, and I almost did too.

Being frugal, I went thrifting for fabric. My local Salvation Army doesn't have much in the form of actual yardage, so I found a cute dress that was just one size too small for me and used the skirt portion for my top. Does that make this a refashion?

The pop-up tape helped speed up the process of piecing together the pattern, which is something I totally dread whenever the inevitable happens and I fall in love with online-only patterns. I used their heavy duty packaging tape to seal all of my page ends before cutting out the pattern pieces with their precision scissors. Total breeze.

If I had made enough bias tape, I would have finished her in time, but I don't do so well with proper project planning it seems... In fact, I didn't even start on my bias tape until it was time to attach it. Whoops?

Day 24: Sorbetto Baby + Bias Tape Party!
I started making more bias tape the moment I woke up! I even got carried away and cut into some of my fat quarters.

Check out my sweet "ironing board"

You'll notice she looks a lot like Oona's version! Don't tell her, but I totally bit off her mod and left the bottom pleat out. I plan on making more of these because they are super easy and very, very awesome. My next one may include the full pleat, or maybe it won't include any at all? We'll see!


  1. love this. you're projects are always so fun.

  2. This is so fantastic! You always make me want to go and be creative!


  3. i am honored, you may take a bite off me whenever you please:) i plan on biting you right back with your sketches for the dress of a thousand fabrics!

  4. Go be creative Jacqui! Do it!!

    Oona, if you make your own knock-off of the Versus/Sonia Rykiel dress, I'm going to implode!

    Stina, Linda & Danielle, you ladies are just too sweet :D

  5. I love your Sorbetto! I actually have that very dress, from Anthropologie maybe 5 or 6 years ago, and I wear it every summer!

  6. Thanks so much Gail! I had no idea where the dress was from because the label just said "Viola" but it's so fitting that it's from Anthro. I'm thinking about making another Sorbetto from its lining.

  7. ahhh! I love it so much! loving the mod you made, makes it so much more relaxed. I want one sooo badly! too bad there's only three more days until vacation & I'm preoccupied with hemming & bridesmaids' dresses. :/

  8. So, so cute. You are crazy adorable! Also, I'm pretty sure we live in the same neighborhood.

  9. love this Sorbetto! found you via BurdaStyle and now following!

  10. That fabric is just so lovely! I think I might try that with my next sorbetto, leaving the bottom un-pleated for more swing. It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that, right?

  11. This is awesome. I'm always luke warm about Sorbetto - but your version has me getting on board! Leaving the bottom pleat out is brilliant. Definitely my favorit version I've seen out in sewingcyberspace.

  12. Love it! That fabric is fab and I'm totally with you (and Ooona)on the bottom of the pleat. I have a massive crush on this pattern and every time I see some fabric recently I'm thinking Sorbetto first and formost! As one of my readers put it, "it's not a pattern, it's a virus!"

  13. What's a nice way to say thank you to everyone at once without sounding overtly cheesy and/or silly? Because I really do appreciate all the wonderful things you guys have said!!

    Also, Beth, somehow I doubt it but are you in Humboldt Park?


  14. hello, I know I'm late on this, but I just happened to see the post you added to the colette forum. I had to stop by your blog and tell you how much I love your sorbetto! I think out of all the versions I've seen, this is my favorite. You definitely have a talent for pattern matching and fantastic taste!

    1. Thank you so much, that's such a sweet thing to say! I really need to get back to sewing and nice comments like this help. :)

  15. I just found your blog and this blouse, love it. I am a 2X and wondered what part of the Sorbetto to enlarge so I can make one for me. Any help would be appreciated.

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