Endless Possibilities

Although I haven't been particularly busy lately, it's been weeks since I've actually made anything! I suppose I just have to blame my procrasticrafting tendencies... Last night I decided to try out the crocodile stitch after seeing some beautiful photos on Catherine Hirst's blog. AH-MAZING. I'm totally inspired which is great :)

After some searching I found a few tutorials on YouTube, including a series on Yarn Muse. She does mess up and can be a little unclear at times (because she's winging it), but for the most part I understood her. And of course there are a bunch of people selling their patterns on Etsy. Just look at this gorgeous piece by Bonita Patterns (makes me weep with jealousy):

I REQUIRE this pattern

The stitch is surprisingly simple too! Because it's just a series of DCs and chains, I've decided I'm going to make a skirt!! I'm pretty terrified to be honest, I mean I have never made a crocheted bottom before. Plus this stitch looks like it will be a total yarn monster (but that'll work out fine since I'm known for hoarding craft supplies). Who knows, hopefully I'll even finish by 2012 ;P


  1. ahhhhh-mazing!
    you always make me so excited about crocheting

  2. A skirt!!! Yes!! I have been trying to figure out how to make a fishnet skirt I can wear over leggings or jeans. I need to find some obnoxious fluoro cotton first!

  3. That's so great to hear Stina, I want EVERYONE to be excited about crocheting!!

    Natalie <3 That sounds awesome, I've found a couple mesh dress patterns on CCC and I know there are millions of hand spun/dyed yarns on Etsy in colors that make my eyes hurt ;) I'll excitedly await updates on it!

  4. ooooh! The second I saw this, I ran over to youtube and tried it. Like, before I could even comment to tell you how awesome it is. I am so rude. Anyway, your skirt is going to be SO GOOD, I can tell already! Can't wait to see it!

  5. I've got a bit of it done now and I just don't know... ;\ I'm at that weird stage of a project where half of you hates it and the other half just wants it to be over already!

  6. Maybe I'm forever late for this... but I love the crocodile stitch but... no matter what tuttorial or patter I follow it's always wrong. >.< LOL


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