While crocheting my little heart out, I realized my yarn varies from skein to skein! I know this shouldn't be a big deal but it totally discouraged me. There are varying shades of violet and the weight changes, which is really irritating. I started planning my next project to help me get over it. Andrew wants me to finish the shrug before I move on but I'm only planning! Plus, I can't crochet non-stop till whatever project I'm working on is done. Can you? I need breaks for my fingers, back & sanity.

Limited funds and my EXTREME WANT for Beth Ditto's ah-mazing parka have led me to my next brilliant adventure: I'm going to make it myself! I'll save a whopping $150 and be the proud owner of another handmade garment. I have no idea how long this will take but I've already found the perfect pattern to start from thanks to McCall's!

Beth Ditto Parka
McCall's awesomely similar pattern 5981

Though I've never modified a pattern before, it seems relatively easy? I mean the McCall's pattern and the BD parka are practically identical when you overlook all the embellishments. My plan is to:

+ Add a casing & drawstring at the waist
+ Figure out the ruffle zipper cover & add a button
+ Add loops midway up the arm for rolled sleeves
+ Sub nylon taffeta for fleece (if I can ever find any!)
+ Add a zipper that zips up the entire collar
+ Studs, lots and lots of studs!

This is my little sketch of what the end result will hopefully look like:

I'm so excited :D


  1. This will be so awesome when it's done! Good luck!

  2. noooo! crazy varying yarn would bother me so much too! that is stinky. are they the same dye lot?

    anyway, I'm a big fan of working on loads of projects at the same time. there's variety, and then you suddenly have 12 things finished around the same time like MAGIC! definitely start the parka :)

  3. Thanks Elizabeth! I'm so excited to get started!!

  4. good luck modifying the pattern.. your sketch looks great!

  5. Ugh, Emily, I know! I totally tried to downplay my agony. I undid like an entire skein worth ;( I'm so dumb for not looking at the dye lot while at JoAnn, I didn't even notice it while crocheting. I just zoned out & then freaked out when I checked my progress. Total bummer.

    So far I got the pattern, I'm going to wait till after Halloween to go fabric shopping to avoid all the crazies. Can't wait!!

  6. Ah, thanks Jill! I'm equal parts nervous and excited. I hope I get it to look like my silly little sketch :)

  7. I can't wait to watch you create this!

  8. love your sketches...you can do it!!!


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