Patterns Galore!

In an attempt to beat the blues of non-stop rain yesterday, I decided to splurge on some McCall's patterns (regardless of their difficulty). I'm sure I just bought myself a world of frustration, annoyance & pain BUT I DON'T CARE! Look at how cute this crap is:



I'm definitely using my imagination with some of these but that's ok because it's all about my fabric choices and small modifications, right? Did I mention each pattern was just 99¢?! I've been really inspired by a ton of blogs these last few days. The biggest theme is being self sufficient, which I've always been a huge fan of. My commitment to these sew-along challenges will be to wear (mostly) homemade clothes. I'd love to wear my own creations for the duration of the summer/LIFE but let's be real. I've only sewn one successful garment to date.

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