Great success!

Andrew did it! He participated in his first track race(s) and came in 3rd in the 5 lap scratch (5 laps & whoever gets to the finish line 1st, 2nd, 3rd wins)! I'm so proud of him. It was so much fun to watch although I spent most of the time he was on the track looking through a viewfinder. Half Acre hosted the event and their announcer was hilarious. The other races were:

Win-and-Out first person to cross the finish line gets 1st, then another lap, first person to cross gets 2nd, another lap, etc…
Unknown Distance the riders have between 3-20 laps to go with a mad sprint to the finish line after the announcer randomly rings the bell.
Miss-and-Out last person to cross the finish line for each lap is eliminated until there are 3 people left. Then they sprint to the finish.
Chariot (my favorite) each rider gets a push to start from someone holding their bike & they go for a single lap. It's pretty hilarious because some people barely move an inch!

Unfortunately it's been raining all day so tonight's clinic is canceled. I'm excited to go with him next week though. I'll only be there for support and to watch because fixed is still too much for me to handle without having a full blown panic attack...

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