Oh, technology...

Andrew and I were borrowing internet from one of our neighbors. At first I felt pretty guilty but we never hogged it enough to where it was a problem... or so I thought! "Cher" has since disappeared from our wireless options and we've been without internet since last week. Kind of sucks, kind of rules? I'm sooo easily sucked into the land of twitter & blogs and before I know it, it's 3 in the afternoon and I've done absolutely nothing with my day. So here's to productivity!

Now I can focus on finishing my website and working on all of my projects. I haven't actually started any of my summer sewing because none of my patterns have arrived yet. But Andrew needed a cycling cap so I took a shot at sewing one and it turned out pretty decent. The darts could use a little help and the bill could stand to be lengthened a bit, but all in all I'd say it's a success.

The fabric is a thrifted bed sheet!

My tomato plant is flourishing despite the unnamed creatures crawling in the dirt. I'm trying my hardest to look BEYOND them and accept that it's just part of nature. Look at all the little baby tomatoes!! I'm so proud, they're growing up so fast! The flowers literally bloomed out of no where and within a week teeny tiny little green balls were forming. Look at the amazing difference one week made:

I'm so happy :)

The bugs have gotten the best of my lettuce plants and it breaks my heart a little but whatever. My basil seems to be ok and my goodness, my "hostas" are huge now! Still living in exile outside though...


  1. Oh, I just love container gardening! Salad greens are so easy to grow and tastes so incredibly good when they come from your own pots. Hopefully the little buggies will save you some - have you tried getting some ladybugs to control the little beasties?

  2. I haven't! Honestly, my solution was to just douse the plants with water which did not work lol. I'm not sure how/where to find ladybugs... It also doesn't help that the bugs are so small they won't show up in pictures. I keep trying to get advice and everyone asks to see what they look like but they're so tiny (less than .5mm).