Today's weather was a bit OOC, no? I couldn't believe it was so dark out that the street lights came on at 11am! Oh thunderstorms, ruining our plans for the day. No velodrome, no trails... at least we rode to the gym. I really wanted to go swimming too ;(

After feeling a bit down about my botched Frock by Friday sew-along effort, I decided to make a much easier frock from Presser Foot and it turned out super cute. I absolutely LOVE it!!

Based on this tutorial.

I got so many compliments at a friend's party that I was practically shouting from the rooftop "I MADE IT MYSELF!!!" Clearly it went to my head and I was feeling a little too confident... so much that I decided "hey, let me try another dress!" and it turned out horrible. Granted it was a completely different style, more of a shirt & skirt combo. I didn't even take a photo it was soo bad. Once I finished the hem I tried it on, took it off and cut it in half. I'm a fan of the top but the skirt was absolutely horrible. I looked like a kid with an inappropriately large behind. I'm not sure what to do with it now, it's wayy too short to wear as a shirt but I love the detail in and around the collar:

Inspired by Lex.

I am seriously addicted to sewing now and I want to sew ANYTHING & EVERYTHING humanly possible, even the things I know I'll kill myself trying to make!


  1. This is really lovely! I spotted this fabric when I was out fabric shopping last weekend and nearly got some. I really like how your frock turned out -- great detailing around the top!

  2. Thanks so much! Can you tell I'm proud of it? Your grey top is adorable btw, I need to get my hands on some of Built by Wendy patterns.

  3. is this my maternity or not frock pattern? either way it is adorable and you did a great job!

  4. Hi Kelli, thank you! I've added links to your blog and the tutorial. Honestly, being a fat chick made me apprehensive about typing out "maternity or not" so I just left it out!

  5. Love the dress <3


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