It's been a minute...

Whoops. I keep losing track of time and things and projects and so on... I still have a mini quilt to make which I am NOT happy about or even remotely interested in making. So to further procrastinate on that project, I'm joining a sew-along!

It's hosted by Grosgrain's Kathleen: A Frock By Friday.

It's not 100% my style, so I'm changing the skirt to be a fuller, a-line skirt. I really hope it goes well because this will be my very 1st garment, e-v-e-r. I've only made little projects up to this point, pillows, totes, phone cases, wallets, zipper pouches, etc... But I'm really excited to try! I went crazy and bought a bunch of fabric from Vogue on Roosevelt but I don't think any of it will work for this dress. I'm thinking of making it out of a bed sheet for now and if it goes well, making another one out of awesome fabric.

In other equally exciting news, we're getting the apartment painted Wednesday! The previous tenant literally moved out 5 minutes before we moved in which really bothered me because the place was never cleaned or painted and we never even had a walk through. No major issues to deal with though (luckily), she just nicked the crap out of all the walls. Yay for painting!

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