Double Ugh

Andrew's been training for the track and it's so exciting/addicting! I keep reminding myself baby steps, Jaimielee, maybe next year... His new road bike isn't helping! It has to be one of the most beautiful frames I've ever seen. If only I had the money…

I'm totallyyyy jealous.

I need to focus on getting passed 22mph & going further than 22miles in a single ride. Then riding fixed. Baby steps, Jaimielee. Baby steps.

Also... I'm not participating in the sew-along anymore. I'm not a pattern maker and the edits I tried doing left me pretty stressed. How complicated is adding an a-line skirt and peter pan collar? Not hard at all, but for a n00b, VERY MUCH SO. Plus, buttons and plackets? Pfft. Then I came home to find the dogs had broken out of their gated area and Muscles had eaten my potted moss (which was covered in aphids/whiteflies - GROSS), my organic fertilizer, as well as my dress pattern. If that's not a sign, I dunno what is...

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