Succulent Propagation: Autumn Update

Another devastating thing has happened in my little window garden! This time it's just devastatingly beautiful. One of my cuttings from Walmart is growing faster and larger than any of the other succulents. The jump from one week to the next has been absolutely amazing to witness.

Succulent leaf cuttings in glass dish

The two larger leaf cuttings were clipped the same day! Can you believe that?

My porcelain dish transplants are doing really well, too. The majority of the original leaves are shriveling up and a couple have actually detached themselves. Even the dish of (mostly) rootless leaf cuttings is showing steady progress.

Succulent leaf cuttings in porcelain dish Succulent leaf cuttings in porcelain dish Succulent leaf cuttings with tiny new growth in porcelain dish Succulent leaf cuttings with tiny new growth in porcelain dish

But the most surprising of the bunch has been from the tiny leaves knocked off last month in what I'm now calling The Great Princess Disaster of 2013. Imagine my total surprise when I walked over to my window sill one morning and noticed they'd begun sprouting pink roots and even smaller leaves of their own! I don't think they're going to last very long but I'm impressed. I'll put them in soil soon, though it's been great to see them grow with not so much as a drop of water.

Tiny succulent leaf cuttings with roots Almost dead succulent leaf cutting

That leaves me with only one casualty to report, which I'm pretty happy about all things considered. After I dug it out of the soil, I noticed it actually had healthy roots so I quickly put it back after taking a photo. We'll see what happens.

Sadly, my wrinkly lithops has gone even more wrinkly, while my Split Rock seems to be in the exact same state as last month. I watered them both once to see if that would help but I'm still waiting to determine if it did anything at all.

Wrinkled Lithops

As always, I post photos of these babies on Instagram if you want to follow along in between my monthly updates (July, August, September). It's finally becoming less stressful! I say that now but winter is right around the corner...


  1. Replies
    1. It is! I also love that the whole process is kind of creepy? Creepy-cute, of course!

  2. Isn't it so satisfying to watch them grow? My boyfriend bought me my first tomato plants this summer and they ended up dying because of the cold weather. I need to do more research before I take them on again. I feel so bad! Those look beautiful, though! The last one looks like a brain!

    1. Propagating succulents has been such a fulfilling experience! I totally feel like a proud mom while watering/misting them every morning. It's become a cathartic little ritual for me. I'm sorry to hear about your tomato plants! The one I had a while back didn't make it either, but that was my own doing, unfortunately.

  3. :) relating and enjoying your blog! I'm in Florida, decent weather straight thru winter (not dipping below 40 degrees at night!) one night I feared freezing temps, so I covered all my tiny new *babies* with a plastic sheet, which seemed to really protect them well...they are maturing nicely!! I find succulent propagation very therapeutic.

    1. Thanks so much! You know, that's not a bad idea at all! My apartment has poorly insulated windows so I'm constantly worried my babies are freezing. I just might have to use your tip. And I totally agree, it's so soothing and fun albeit a bit nerve-racking!


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