Grandpa Sweaters & Burger Badges

Lion Brand's The Weekly Stitch newsletter included a fucking GEM on Thanksgiving:

Glittery Shrug

Am I right or am I right? Free crochet patterns are often boring or too boxy but this is quite handsome. I'm excited to start on it but my holiday gifts are currently my top priority. Being the selfish crafter that I am, I went out and bought yarn already!

Greystone | Moonstone | Platinum | Onyx

My local Jo-Ann didn't have enough greystone, and matching dye lots is so difficult, adding another color seems like a good alternative. So, the trim and bottom portion will be in greystone and the mesh and top portion in moonstone. The cuffs in either platinum or onyx would be a nice touch, right? What do you think? I picked up ruby red, but it's too bright and I actually kind of like the monochromatic color scheme.

This brings up another long-forgotten crochet project: my crocodile stitch skirt. The length hasn't increased much since this post from April, and truthfully, I don't know that I want to finish it. It seemed like such a great idea and I totally loved the colors I chose (for like, 5 minutes) but I can't get motivated about it. It's all a bit Easter or circus-y. I don't know. Candy colored pastels just aren't for me, I suppose.

In other news, I embroidered a badge and a brooch last week, and I absolutely LOVE my burger badge. I wish I could just make 16 more and be done with the holidays!

Unfortunately my family would all get a good laugh and maybe two cousins would actually wear them :( Would you wear them? I'm thinking of making more and selling them in my (empty) etsy along with my cross-stitched donut necklaces. The donut brooch design needs a little work, it's not quite there yet...


  1. Just started teaching myself to crochet! I'd love to see more posts on this, maybe even a "crochet-along" with this sweater that you're making!

  2. I would wear the hell out of that burger badge!
    - Snackalupagus on tumblr

  3. every single thing about this post excites me. except that i cannot sew. minor detail.


  4. What a great idea Ariana! I think a crochet-along would be rad but I've never led or hosted (or whatever the right word is) one before. If anyone else is interested I'd be down!

    Uh, Rachel, I'm counting that as an order JUST SO YOU KNOW.

    @Stina: I'd like to sell them! I was thinking of doing a brooch of an eyeball too, among other things (my list super long).

    @Sabrina: No sewing required for the sweater! And only tiny baby whip stitches by hand for the brooches ;)

  5. These are absolutely beautiful! I dig them so hard! Great job. :)

  6. Thanks Mckenzie! They'll be for sale on etsy soon if you feel so inclined.

  7. this post was mentioned on my blog as inspiration for one of my beads, i hope you dont mind

    here is the link :

  8. Of course I don't mind! Thanks for mentioning me :) Your cuttlefish is adorable.

  9. I WOULD TOTALLY wear that burger badge or the donut necklace!

  10. LOL....I adore grandpa sweaters too - seriously you can't go wrong with something oversized and crazzy comfy :) That's my motto!


  11. I'm holding you to it, Nicole! I'll be listing them soon :)

    @Tasia: Comfy is key in all of my clothing. I'd probably wear my pjs everywhere if it were socially acceptable. Oh well!


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