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I've been going to the Renegade Craft Fair since I moved to Chicago but I missed it this year. I'm a little bummed about it but there's always the Holiday Fair and next year! Hopefully I'll work up the nerve to share a table or maybe even have my own by then. Andrew linked me to this and it made me feel better BECAUSE IT'S TRUE.

I was feeling rather craft-deprived so I decided to cross-stitch some donuts while he worked on his bike. A Bear's game later and it was the perfect jumbo charm for a necklace! I stopped at Jo-Ann for findings, sealed the donuts with fabric mod podge annnd thennn...

It's so damn cute, I could eat it!

Since I was on a jewelry kick, I had to finish another necklace I started months ago after Andrew's sister and I went to Intergem. If you don't know what that is, I feel sorry for you! I'm kidding. It's this amazing gem show where everything is ridiculously inexpensive. She and I bought A TON OF STUFF yet neither of us has actually made anything with our goodies ;x

I only spent like $30!

These beads and bits are mostly from a local shop called beadniks. It's a pretty great store except everything is overpriced and they buy most of their inventory at gem shows like the one we went to. I refused to pay something like $12 per inch for gold chain to finish it off, so while at Jo-Ann I found the perfect faux chain RIBBON!

It's amazing & I love it.

Finally something to add to SSS!! Which (evidently) I'm hardly participating in ;(


  1. OMG I love that necklace!!! I need to cross stitch more often but I always have so many projects going! I love how you do your makeup its so captivating, I could stare at your face all day girl!

  2. Awesome necklaces. I seriously love the cross-stitch donuts!!!

  3. Love that necklace + you are so pretty!! I'm going to add you to my favourites links! :)


  4. New to your blog but I had to pipe in and say how cute that necklace is! Lovely photos.

  5. @Jessica Hah, I know exactly what you meannn. I'm so scatter brained, I start & rarely finish my projects ;x &thanks sweetie, could totally say the same for you!

    @Miss Dandy Ahh, I know! I love it too!! Can't wait to make some more :)

    @Emma Thank you <3 I'm adding you back!

    @gypsyroxylee Thanks so much :) Come back soon!


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