Tattoos & Food

A friend of mine works at an amazing tattoo studio here in Chicago called Butterfat Studios, which is owned by Esther Garcia (a genius). Genevieve is absolutely fantastic and her work is only getting better. In February she did a small series of awesome paintings for Butterfat Studios' mini-show, Sans-Culotte A Valentine's Show and I fell in love. I dare you to look at them and not giggle!

How adorable is food in underwear?? See the rest here.

I love food (big surprise there). I love desserts and pastries, but croissants happen to be one of my favorite things in general. They're adorable, fat little buttery babies and I love to look at them as much as I love to eat them! It was only obvious what my next move should be.

By the time all of the colors were mixed and the machines wrapped, I was totally antsy! No matter how many tattoos I've gotten, I'm always super nervous. I guess some things will never change...

All done!

Please check out more of her artwork at showpigeon.com, and if you're in Chicago, go get tattooed by her! I'm already planning my next one (hundred) :D


  1. I drew, like, a million of them the night I posted my sketches. I was totally obsessed and now I can't stop staring at my arm! Now I think I may get a forearm piece of delicious mini pastries??

  2. I love this SO MUCH! The way you incorporated the heart into it is just bonkers. I have pondered getting a doughnut, but I have also pondered many tattoos and still only have one (for shame!)

  3. Very pretty! I love all your tattoo <3

  4. Very cute indeed. I need some food tattoos.

  5. super clever art work! love it :)
    checking her out now....too bad i live no where near chicago. looking to get a tattoo but dont know anyone around vienna :(

  6. ooohh rad! That is very cool! It's so diffrent and original I love it! I'm checking out her stuff now! :)

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  7. LMAO!! If this ain't the cutest damn thing I've seen all day. And I LOVE me some croissaints! Done beautifully, too. Yay, food arms =]

  8. Emily, you should totally get a donut! I want one with tons of rainbow sprinkles.

    Thanks everyone! I'm SO happy with it :D It's healing beautifully, too!


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