Your Weight in Gold

To further explain the logo I designed, here is our organization's mission statement:

The restrictive and marginalizing beauty ideals in American culture devalue and demoralize women of all shapes and sizes. Fat women, in particular, need a sanctuary from the body-hate rhetoric. Your Weight in Gold Clothing Exchange events foster an environment in which fierce, femme fatshionistas are empowered to acknowledge their worth and celebrate their presence. The events are more than environmentally conscious ways to supplement your wardrobe; they honor a lifestyle that never apologizes for size or sass. By building a community where all bodies are embraced and embellished, Your Weight in Gold strengthens the bonds between fat women everywhere.

I'm really excited about our message as well as the WTFAWESOME event we're having next month: The Gold & The Beautiful. Here's the flyer I designed:

If you're in Chicago February 13th, YOU HAVE TO COME. DUH. For updates and more information, check out our twitter and/or our tumblr if you haven't already! So, now the question is... WHAT THE HECK AM I GOING TO WEAR??! Because nothing I own will work, obviously. I'm thinking of this pattern:

In one of these two prints:
Metallic gold snakeskin OR metallic gold check??

There's so little time! AHHHHH!!


  1. The event sounds so fabulous, I'm so jealous I can't go and relish in lots of awesome fattedness. Also, I vote gold snakeskin - the dress will look amazing in it!

  2. That event sounds totally rad! What a great idea. What's your role in the organization?

    I seriously cannot choose between the two fabrics. Both are supremely badass, you can't go wrong. Loooove that new Rowley pattern!

  3. Oh my god... go with the check!!! The shine is amazing!

  4. I also like the check pattern. Cant wait to see you work it!

  5. @Elizabeth: Girl, you could TOTALLY come. You're not *that* far away!!

    @Emily: We're a baby org, so all of our roles are limited right now. I'm head of creative (obv) but we're all contributing to the event planning & trying to build a community where fab fatties can love themselves & the clothes they wear!

    @Renee: It so is. Once I have the pattern in hand, I'll be ordering it :)

    @Domonique: Thanks!

  6. I really wish I could come :( but I have school and virtually no money, boo.

  7. Aw, I wish you could too! I totally understand though, maybe next year :D


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