Slow Progress

This is what a single 3oz skein of Lion Brand yarn looks like when it's SC in the back loops for 137 Sts with a J hook. It would make a nice super stretchy scarf at this length, something I'll need to remember for Christmas :) I've never crocheted in the back loops before so it took some getting used to but I really like the stripe effect!

42" wide, 7" long & I've got 43" to go!

If you're using this pattern, I suggest buying an extra skein of yarn for safe measure. I really hope it fits. The pattern calls for 38" in length but I may make it 50" to be on the safe side. This is a perfect example why "one size fits most" makes no sense/I hate being an inbetweenie.

I've baked three loaves of no-knead bread this week! The first was actually my most beautiful to date and for some reason it held the highest rise. The other two deflated upon pouring into my cast iron pot. It makes me so sad every time that happens, though the last one turned out nice. Being the HUGE nerd that I am, I recorded the crackling sounds while it cooled. Imagine me in my apartment. It's 2am on a Friday night... everyone's asleep and this beauty starts singing to me... *crackle* *CRACKLE* *bread sounds* *crackle*

om nom nom


  1. What is it with crafters and baking (and cats)? We are just little old women in 20 something bodies.... Bake on, lady! (PS I LOVE CRYBABY.)

  2. I've been about 65 since I was 13!


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