I'm bored with crocheting the acorn shrug! Emily's, from seymour, turned out great so I should probably shut up and finish mine already, but it's just SC for 137sts over and over and overrr. I enjoy patterns that make me think a little so I took yet another break to work on these puppies...

...for my puppies!

Nothing super complex but it was a nice change of pace. Princess has the most obnoxiously heavy-handed (pawed?) walk ever. Her toe tappin' is the equivalent of Andrew stomping his way up the stairs in his cycling shoes. These baby booties from Lion Brand seemed like the perfect solution so I modified the pattern a bit to fit tiny paws (which are shockingly smaller than baby feet). Her death claws still tap! I'll need to add padding or something to the soles.

Muscles on the other hand is a total ninja. He'll creep up on you without so much as a peep. While I was crocheting the booties he kept eyeing them, so I stuffed one and stitched it up for him.

My luck has been terrible lately! Hopefully November will be awesome. On top of all the rotten crap that has happened this month, I was applying to a design position when I realized my website had been hacked. Yes, HACKED. I don't know what's up with me and October, but my site is back up now.


  1. PUPPY BOOTIES! Those look like a way more fun project than the shrug, I don't blame you! Just remember when looking at my shrug that I have no life. Seriously. And listening to podcasts realllllly helps me crochet faster :)

    November WILL be better for you! Who even hacks websites? Even more who breaks into people's apartments?!? No more!

  2. Amen re: hacking. I felt like it was 1998 & everyone was still asking "a/s/l?" - completely ridiculous and random. No word back from any potential employers ;( That's the one thing I'm hoping for the most! *fingers crossed*

    I'm banging this thing out this weekend as I've got no Halloween plans. It MUST get finished!!! I've even made a big ol' lime green bow to wear with it :)


  4. OMG these are adorable! It doesn't get any cuter than this!

  5. LOL, Kath!! I'm honestly shocked she keeps em on. Muscles hates ANYTHING on him, even his collar!

    Thanks Bella :) They go back and forth between being total jerks and adorbz, booties make everything better though!

  6. Oh my gosh, cutest things ever! Just discovered your blog via Sketchbook Project chat on Twitter. Lovely work. :)


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