Easter was a bust!

Mass was pretty awkward and there was a minor puppy incident at Andrew's aunt's house, but I suppose I'm being a bit dramatic. Plus the boys loved their baskets :)

I wore this little bib necklace (still in the making) pinned to my shirt today and I thought it was quite cute. Maybe it'll become a brooch instead, not sure yet. What do you think?


  1. Cute.

    Just letting you know who is reading through your old entries. I'm a plus-sized mom that is always looking for time to sew.

  2. I appreciate you looking through the older posts! I'm always so excited to connect with other ladies who love to sew :)

  3. I think you should use it as both. No one would know if you safety pinned a necklace "chain" (fabric or ribbon or whatever) and used it as a necklace or if you detached the "chain" part and work it as a broach. It is cool either way -- haha. I just noticed the date of this post. well, now I'm curious to see what you did. haha.


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