I was totally dreading waking up before 7am this morning but I'm so glad I did. The Green City Market was awesome.

Asparagus 2/$7
Spinach $3
Fingerling Potatoes $5
Rocket $3
Mixed Lettuce $5
Avondale Truckle Cheddar $8
Peach Preserves $5
Chipotle Salsa $8
Cremini/Shiitake Mushrooms $17 (won't make this mistake again!)
Honey Oat/Sourdough Bread $10
Eggs $5
Spinach Tart $4
Apples $5

Spent a total of $85 but we really got A LOT and it's all locally grown, organic, sustainable food. If nothing else I feel proud and like a member of the community which I think is lacking in city life, or at least my city life. I also learned that there's a community garden close to our new place! I'm so excited for that.

I told Andrew our goal for today was asparagus and the free starter plant, so we succeeded! I also picked up my tote and membership card which was equally exciting and look at how freakin adorable my baby tomato plant is:


I really wanted to try some Zeppole di mela (Apple Cider Donuts) from Zullo but we decided to wait and make breakfast at home which was DELICIOUS!!

One farm that really touched me was Growing Home, where we picked up our rocket and mixed lettuce. They have such a great story. I pulled this from their site:

Growing Home was started in 1992 by Les Brown, Director of Policy for the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless... He wrote that “Homeless people are often without roots. They’re not tied down, not connected, not part of their family anymore. Our organic farming program is a way for them to connect with nature – to plant and nurture roots over a period of time. When you get involved in taking responsibility for caring for something, creating an environment that produces growth, then it helps you build self-esteem."

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