Keeping Succulents Alive

Quite some time has passed since my last succulent update! Winter came in full force with such unbearable cold that my poor plants have been removed from the window sills almost completely. Their new home is atop an IKEA EXPEDIT (RIP) and they periodically visit my one sun-soaked sill whenever the sun is actually shining.

Bears Paws

All of the beautiful tight rosettes forming from my leaf cuttings are long gone... They've continued to grow leggier and leggier reaching for the sun, which is a little sad yet totally adorable.

propagating succulent leaf cuttings in large porcelain dish
close up outstretched succulents in porcelain dish
propagating succulent leaf cuttings in porcelain dish

Some plants have been relocated, like these three which used to share a room (a cup). Their growth rate has slowed but it's still a lot more than I expected in this weather! I'm sure they appreciate the extra room to breathe.

propagating succulent leaf cuttings in glass cup
leaf cutting growth in glass cup

One huge surprise did pop up, though. Two to be exact! The lithops I was so worried about becoming overly wrinkly birthed two new plants! I'd given up all hope that it'd survive and left it alone on my bookshelf for about a month completely untouched. Then, miraculously, this happened!


My Mezoo 'Trailing Red' needs to be pruned soon. It's almost taken over the entire pot at this point. I think I'll just wait till spring to do anything about it even though I feel bad for the little guys it's crowding.

potted succulents lithops living stone
close up outstretched succulentsclose up outstretched succulents

I've cut back on watering across the board. My large pots get watered once a week and everyone else gets spritzed 2-3 times a week. The lithops and living stone get no water. Hopefully they all pull through and make it to spring—myself included. This endless winter has been awful. Over 75" of snow has fallen since December!

Succulent leaf cuttings in porcelain dish
❄ ❅ ❄ ❅ ❄


  1. You are amazing! I could barely survive the Chicago winter (and I was only there for three days). Kudos to you for keeping these babies alive and thriving. Are you using any fertilizers? I started fertilizing this winter and noticed that a lot of mine are growing faster than i would like them to be. They just look kind of unruly.

    This post inspired me to go out and check on my lithops. I've been intentionally neglecting them because I feel like my worrying is going to stress them out and kill them. Sadly, there has been a casualty and my small one looks like gross little raisin, but the larger one is beginning to split and I can see a new plant peeping through. I don't think I've ever been so proud.

    My goal for the spring is to plant and sustain a few terrariums. I've tried multiple times but I've never been successful. Do you have any advice?

    1. I NEVER EVEN REPLIED BECAUSE THAT'S HOW CLUELESS I AM! I've never been successful with plants and it's because I truly do not know what I am doing. I definitely need to read into fertilization. Right now my babies are finally getting some healthy doses of sunlight and their regular waterings.

      I've never had a terrarium to offer any advice with but my god, there must be millions of tutorials out there. I wonder how many of them were able to keep them going...


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