Spring Has Sprung...?

Spring officially started yesterday and Chicago welcomed its arrival in classic Chicago fashion, with snow. I'm totally envious of everyone exclaiming "spring is finally here!" but I know it'll warm up soon enough. Actually, what I'm most excited about is the cleaning and organizing coming my way. Shocking, I know.

Spring Cleaning Graphic
I have been dying to finish my vanity and makeup storage since my last post about it in November, which truly feels like eons ago. Once it's spray-paint safe outside, I'm going to wrap up that project and get my room in shape.

In anticipation yesterday, I picked up some goodies to go along with my IKEA fira mini chests and writing-desk-turned-vanity from Target. I always feel so weird going to The Container Store, or buying any storage for that matter because it's just more stuff for my other stuff (I can't be alone on this!). Here's what I purchased:

4-DRAWER DESKTOP PAPER ORGANIZER(Hat tip to Ckey Beauty for this find)

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I also made a run to Ulta. Ulta's having their 21 Days of Beauty Steals event right now and I've been pretty good. I mean it! I wanted to try out Tarte Lights, Cameras Lashes! mascara, which was on sale for $10 (reg $19) but I didn't make it in time on Tuesday. It just wasn't meant to be.

Yesterday I took advantage of Butter London polishes being 2 for $15 (reg $15 each) and picked up two beauties. Have you been keeping up with the calendar and running out daily? I want to, but like I said, I've been good. My next purchase is going to be one, or two, of those adorable Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blushes which will be 50% OFF (reg $30) on April 4th! I'll definitely be making that purchase online at 12AM to be safe (lol).

What are you looking forward to the most this spring? I'm excited to not have the all of the moisture sucked out of my skin, and to actually wear clothes again. My 2013/14 winter uniform hasn't been cute so I welcome the opportunity to wake up in that department.


  1. Great ideas!! We don't have the container store here in Puerto Rico...I'll have to check their site see if they ship here! I had tried to buy some clear storage containers on amazon and they wouldn't ship here...we'll see!

    As far as Ulta....OMG! Some how I'm glad we don't have Ulta here in Puerto Rico or I might had been stalking the store these days! jajaja But I'm with you...I've been eyeing those two faced blushes, I just haven't convinced myself to pay $15 for a blush....we'll see! I have very little self control, so I'll probably give in... jejeje Wish I could send some sunshine your way!! It's been very hot here!!

    1. If The Container Store won't ship to PR, I would totally be willing to ship it myself! USPS has those flat rate boxes so I can't imagine it would be too terrible? Let me know!

      Those blushes made my eyes turn into actual hearts. I'm excited! $15 seems a lot more manageable when compared to $30, but I totally feel you. And $15 for a single bottle of nail polish? I could never! Ulta's Beauty Steals are such an awesome way to try new things I normally wouldn't.

    2. Thanks Jaimee! I'll let you know! And yes, totally agree....these steals give you an opportunity to try something that would normally be way over the budget, and for sure $15 is MUCH more affordable than $30. I have a feeling that those will sell out pretty fast.... gonna have to put a reminder on my phone! ;)

    3. I have an alarm set on my phone too and the blushes in my shopping cart already! I'm such a nerd! I've even gone in store to swatch them and make sure I like them, which OF COURSE I do. Can't wait! Hope you're able to get them too!

  2. I've been pretty good during the Ulta sale, too, although I did have to snag the Stila palette that was on sale for $20. And I'm eyeing the It Cosmetics primer that will be on sale on April 2!

    Also, you might check out Dollar General for storage stuff! They don't have a ton of options, but I got some great little stackable three-drawer storage thingies, which are currently holding most of my makeup collection. And they were $5 apiece! :)

    1. If I didn't already own it, I totally would have gotten that Stila palette too! I can't imagine paying $40 for any of those palettes, as much as love them. I don't know if you refer to Paula's Choice, but they gave the It Cosmetics primer an 'average' rating in their review so I think I'm going to pass. My skin is probably too sensitive for it, even if the price is right!

      And I'm jealous of your luck at Dollar General! The one closest to me has the worst selection. I may have to venture out and try to visit the other locations in the city.

  3. Gurl, yes. You are not alone: "because it's just more stuff for my other stuff" Just last week I had to stop myself because I was at an estate sale and they had so many bowls and baskets and....yeah. I was REALLY GOOD.
    Speaking of being really good, it would be REALLY GOOD if spring would show the eff up already and not be teasin' folk. Jeez.
    I miss my skin *feeling* moisturized and I would like to shave my legs. I might do it tonight because the hair is getting caught in my tights....
    tmi, yes but not too bad, right?
    April 4th is a Friday and I am off. I will be at the Ulta on State, waiting with coffee to bribe the employees!!! Me wanty!
    I may also give in and get one of those 4-drawer cases from the container store. I really need a vanity/table to be honest.

    1. Good on you for showing restraint at the estate sale! I'm no good at those/thrift stores/yard sales/anywhere. If anything makes my heart skip a beat, I want it and I want it now! And I'm not even going to touch on the weather. I feel like every other thing that comes out of my mouth lately is a weather complaint! Chicago just isn't the place to be right now. Not for us or our hairy legs (lol).

      The 4th can't come soon enough! I hope your bribery works and you're able to get them!!


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