The Nail Saga Continues

New nails alert! I stumbled upon this great nail blog, Gorgeois, and immediately had to try her summer shatter mosaic for myself.

It's a really quick and easy manicure worth trying for yourself, and it puts crackle polish to good use. Though, things can get messy with your non-dominant hand while painting all those small squares. You've been warned!

From left to right: Pure Ice Crackle in Shattered, Funky Fingers in Teal, Black, and Silver Scales, Cherimoya Cracked in Sanctuary, Exodus, Purgatory and Peace, and ORLY in Naked Ivory. All but Shattered are new. Wait, it gets worse...

Between last Monday and yesterday I managed to do the unthinkable. A WHOPPING 25 NEW POLISHES. IT IS SHAMEFUL. SHAMEFUL! My habit is so uncontrollable, I mean, look at those grabby hands in the foreground! Ah!! And just when I thought I'd reached a new low (high?), I leveled up on my obsession:

I bought two more on my lunch break. There's added guilt, too, because American Apparel is so despicable! What have I become?!


  1. Your nails look awesome. I wish I had the patience to paint my like that.

    And the additions to your polish collection makes me want to paint my nails.

    1. Paint your nails! I promise the above manicure is not difficult. You can cut down on the colors and just use two or three, and make bigger squares. Do it!!


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